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Back To School

Pilar pov
i put on something i whould always wear to school just cause i don't want anyone to just think i'm a girl who likes to show herself off so i put this on: http://www.polyvore.com/back_to_school_part/set?id=79343607
so i walk in to school and people are talking about me left to right i just keep walking like it's nothing so i really didn't care so i went to my locker and put my bookbag inside of it and grabed my math books i closed my locker and there stand my bully he thinks words hurt me so i just play along but not today
Bully: hey dork how was your box last night
Me: leave me alone niall
Niall: make me freak
i just walked away and he grabed my hair and pulled me back
Niall: if you ever walk away from me again i will punch you got it
Me: whateva foo anit nobody scared of you and your crew
Niall: oh really
he punched me in my jaw and he turned me around and kicked me in my stamach i fell on the floor and i was in so much pain he kicked me in my face i fell back and i stayed there holding my stamach and crying in pain when niall and his crew left i got up and went to the bathroom i looked at myself and started crying still not knowing why he hate's me i went to class limping but i have him for first period NICE RIGHT so the teacher asked
Mrs.Bello: why are you coming into my class late
Niall gave me a death stare and i told her
Me: i woke up late
she gave me the sit down look and of course i have to sit right infront of niall
Izzie pov
i cover all of my body just for the life of it but i hate coming to school because i get bullied for no reason so i could careless now cause i'm so used to it so i put this on: http://www.polyvore.com/back_to_school/set?id=79347227
i get to school and of course pilar is getting beat up so i walk to my locker and zayne comes up to me and asked me
Zayne: how come your not matching with me
Me: because i didn't want to
Zayne: i know your not back talking me missy cause i will slap you
Me: yeah and it's against the law in florida to hit girls and women
Zayne: don't be a smarty pants okay
he slapped me and kicked me in the knee and walked away
Marinna pov
i just put on whatever today cause i didn't care i was going to get bullied anyway so what was the point of putting something decent on so i put this on:http://www.polyvore.com/back_to_school/set?id=79349216
so i walked in got hit for no reason by harry and went to class as alway's
Niveks pov
i try to inpress louis so he doesn't hit me today so i wore this :http://www.polyvore.com/back_to_school/set?id=79349729
i got there and louis was looking at me i guess he like's it perfect
louis: you look hidious
Me: what i picked this outfit by myself
Louis: well let pilar pick it then
Me: (crying) fine
he slapped me and i fell


man they harsh


@Directioner for life
You got it

And okay

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Update PWETTY plz !!!!!!!

Sorry I'm replying back late I don't really come on here much so um yeah
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please please please update i luv this story
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