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Hired For Harry

Chapter 90

Harry’s POV

As soon as the car pulled up in front of my house, I felt my excitement to be home kick in properly.

I just wanted to run inside and wrap my arms around Page, I wanted to hold my son but mostly I wanted to put my family back together.

I thanked Paul one last time and he told me it was good to have me back before he drove off.

Practically skipping up the stairs, I opened the door swiftly and ran in just to be greeted by all the boys in the lounge room watching television.

“Where’s my babies?” I asked and every one of them jumped at the sound of my voice and ran over to me.

“Harry!” They all shouted as they pulled me into a large group hug making me chuckle.

“I missed you guys.” I admitted and watched as they all smiled brightly.

“We missed you too mate!”

“But, I missed my girl and my son more so where are they?”

The air seemed to grow the slightest bit tense as they all gulped.

“She’s been in the nursery with Tyler since you called, but before you go in there you should know that Page is a little different now.”

I blinked a few times and honestly my mind went to the worst things first.

“W-what? I thought I asked you guys to watch out for her?”

Suddenly Niall stepped forward, obviously feeling bad since he’s related to Page.

“We did our best mate but every one deals with heart ache differently and her way was to look after everyone but herself.”

I felt like my heart was trying to escape out of my chest as I bluntly ignored anything else they had to say and started to slowly walk up the stairs.

Very quietly, I pushed open the nursery door to find Page standing in front of the crib watching Tyler sleep.

She hadn't noticed me yet and usually I would sneak up behind her but she seemed so fragile right now.

“Baby?” I whispered and she turned to face me with watery eyes.

Within seconds she ran to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and I nuzzled my head into her neck.

“I missed you so much.” I sobbed into her neck and felt her much smaller now frame shake as she silently cried but didn't attempt to say anything back.

After a while of silence I decided that if we stayed here any longer then we would probably wake Tyler up so I lifted her up and she immediately wrapped her legs around my waist.

“C’mon lets go downstairs with the boys.”

She merely nodded and I walked us into the lounge where I talked with the boys and Page fell asleep on my lap within minutes.

“She hasn't slept properly.” Louis started and looked at Page sadly.

“I guess all she needed was you.” He finished and I nodded along with him.

After a few more hours, the boys decided that they wanted to go home for the night now that I was here with Page.

I moved her carefully onto the couch and stood up to say good night to the others before sitting down again with a small sigh.

It feels good to be home.

I smiled lightly as I ran my fingers through Page’s hair.

Suddenly the doorbell rang making me jump and curse under my breath as I accidently nudged Page and she stirred in her sleep.

I quickly jogged to the front door and swung it open just to scowl when I saw who it was.

“What the fuck do you want Taylor? And why the hell aren't you behind bars?”

She sighed and looked down in shame.

“I need your help Harry, just this once and then I will be out of your life for good.”

I narrowed my eyes at her as I decided whether or not I should hear her out.

“With what?” I spat.

“I need you to help me find out who took my place, I need to find out who took the blame for me.”

My eyes widened as I took in this information.

If I help with this one thing then she’s out of my life – and my family’s life – for good.

“We can start tomorrow.”

She smiled just as I heard a small voice form behind me.

“Harry?” Page whispered but it was loud enough for me to hear as I smiled at the sound of her voice.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Y-you can’t tomorrow. It’s Zayn and Perrie’s wedding rehearsal.”

Holy shit.


Here you go lovelies <3



Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

Well maybe if you opened the door then he would've told you in person. *sigh*

Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

already 15 chapters in ♡♥♥♥♥♥♡★☆★☆

Will get it up in a few days. Until then I hope you like this story ♡

just started to keep my occupated waiting for an update on life of payne