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Hired For Harry

Chapter 73

Page’s POV
*One week later*

I wriggled my finger as I watched the prefect ring sparkle in the sunshine.

Honestly, it still hasn't dawned on me yet that I am now the fiancé to Harry Styles.

How the hell did I get so lucky?

“You know it will always sparkle like that, you can take your eyes off it for a while.” Harry chuckled from the driver’s seat making me giggle.

As of right now we had just finished packing up the last of my things from my apartment in the small truck we rented.

I didn't have that much stuff but it was still too much for my car.

The thought of moving into Harry’s huge and rather new house was so exciting, he had only just moved out of the apartment he shared with Louis recently so the thought of having such a large and beautiful house to raise our child in was amazing.

He had chosen a nice neighbourhood and the place has a big backyard to run around in and maybe even get a dog one day.

“What are you thinking about over there princess?” Harry asked as he wrapped his spare hand around mine making my eyes break contact with the shiny ring.

“Just how lucky I am to have the privilege to raise a beautiful baby in a beautiful house with my beautiful fiancé.” I smiled which he happily returned.

“You’re too prefect.” He chuckled and placed a kiss on the back of my hand.

Within a few minutes we pulled into Harry’s street and I sighed in content as I watched my new home come into view.

Harry parked his car in the very large driveway next to the truck that had just arrived a few short minutes before us. I noticed straight away that there was a few extra cars here and grew curious.

I knew Harry had more than one car but those weren't his.

“Whose cars are those Harry?” I asked and he turned to look at them before his eyebrows scrunched together.

“Well one is Liam’s and the other one looks like Niall’s new car, but that doesn't make sense because they don’t know we’re back yet.”

After a while he shrugged and grabbed my hand as we walked into the house and left the movers to start unpacking the truck.

I flopped onto the couch with a loud sigh as Harry walked into the kitchen.

My eyes closed for a minute as I rested my hand on my stomach, enjoying the peaceful moment that didn't seem to last long as a voice was heard from behind me making me jump out of fright.

“There she is!” Someone shouted as I turned around to see Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis walk into the lounge.

“Hey guys!” I beamed as I stood up and gave them all a hug.

“My god Page! Look how big you’re getting!” Niall stated dramatically as I hugged him, I laughed lightly and he rubbed his hand over my stomach.

“Why does everyone insist on touching my stomach?” I asked a little agitated just as Zayn pushed Niall out of the way and rubbed his strangely cold hand on my baby bump.

“Because you make one hell of an attractive pregnant woman.” Harry stated confidently as he strolled into the room and wrapped his arms around me before pecking my lips.

I gently placed my hands on his cheeks to deepen the kiss and he ran his fingers through my curled hair.

Louis cleared his throat to get our attention making both Harry and I laugh.

“Show me this amazing ring Harry has been talking about!” He demanded and I held my hand out while wrapping my other arm around Harry’s neck.

They all mumbled a few curse words under their breath at the size of it before Harry spoke up.

“What are you guys even doing here? We didn't tell you we were back yet.”

Their eyes widened as they looked at each other.

“Uh we have a surprise for you guys.”

We were lead to the other end of the house to the room that was across the hall from Harry’s and now mine.

“Ready?” Niall asked as he rested his hand on the doorknob.

I nodded and Harry grabbed my hand letting me know that he was nervous but so am I to be honest.

The door swung open to reveal a freshly done nursery.

The furniture was all natural wood coloured and the walls were painted white.

It was amazing.

“You guys! This is awesome!” I squealed and hugged each of them.

“Cheers guys.” Harry beamed and hugged each of them too.

“We wanted to do something nice for you two, to show that we fully support you even if it didn't seem like it at the beginning.” Liam explained.

“Yeah! But it’s not finished yet, obviously we’ll put a bit more colour in here once we know what gender we’re working with!” Niall beamed and I let a few happy tears roll down my cheeks.

“Page? Sweetheart are you okay?” Zayn asked as I nodded and hid my face in Harry’s chest.

“Hormones.” Harry chuckled and placed a kiss on top of my head.

Harry’s POV
*The next day*

“Stop bouncing your knee! You’re making me nervous!” Page mumbled with her hand close to her mouth as she chewed at her nails.

“Sorry.” I whispered as I pulled her onto my lap and intertwined my fingers with hers to keep her hand away from her mouth.

“Stop biting your nails!” I scowled her and she laughed.

“You’re not a father yet Styles.” She giggled again and pecked my nose.

I buried my head into her neck and she ran her fingers through my messy hair, I loved the way she did that. It was the one thing that calmed me down and Page was probably the only person that knew that.

Finally the door to the room we were in opened revealing a young male doctor.

“W-where is our normal doctor?!” Page freaked and stood up from my lap as she started to pace around again.

She had planned the whole birth out to a point where it was kind of freaking me out but this is her first child so I guess she’s allowed to be over prepared.

Part of her planning included our first doctor we came to a few weeks ago now since Page felt she was trustworthy and wanted her to be with us throughout everything.

“Relax Miss Philips, Doctor Nicolas is out sick today but I'm filling in for her and she has informed me about everything there is to know about you.” He smiled at her and motioned for her to lay down which she did without another word.

“So are we revealing the gender today?” He asked as he squirted the gel onto Page’s stomach making her flinch just like last time.

“Yes.” She snapped as she tried not to show how uncomfortable she was with him moving the gel around on her skin.

I gently grabbed her hand and looked at her in a way that was asking her if she was sure she wanted to know and she nodded slowly.

“That’s a lovely ring you have there.” He pointed out Page’s promise ring that she now wore on her right hand as her engagement ring had proudly replaced it on her wedding finger.

“So is this one.” I held up our intertwined hands to show him Page’s engagement ring, I know I seemed like a dick but it was my way of letting him know that she was most definitely mine.

“It is. But I think it’s a little girly for my boyfriend” He stated making me cough awkwardly and Page laugh.

Trust me to be jealous of a gay doctor.

Page suddenly squeezed my hand as she started growing nervous as the screen took a little longer than usual to show the baby.

“Ahhh! there we go!” The doctor chirped as the screen finally showed us the ultrasound.

My little baby was getting so big!

“Are you sure you want to know.” He asked us one more time and Page and I both nodded excitedly.

“Well in that case, it is my privilege to tell you that you are going to be parents to a healthy baby boy.”


Hope you liked it lovelies!

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Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

Well maybe if you opened the door then he would've told you in person. *sigh*

Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

already 15 chapters in ♡♥♥♥♥♥♡★☆★☆

Will get it up in a few days. Until then I hope you like this story ♡

just started to keep my occupated waiting for an update on life of payne