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Hired For Harry

Chapter 41

Page’s POV

I looked blankly at myself in the mirror as I slowly combed my brush through my hair.

My eyes looked dull.

My cheeks still slightly red from my crying.

My whole appearance seemed lifeless and broken but I still held a smile on my face when I thought of Harry.

Is this what love does to everyone?

I don’t care if I look like a zombie right now, all that matters is that Harry chose to be here with me rather than anything else and I love him for that.

I still feel extremely pathetic that I broke down like that in front of him but I couldn't help it.

I want Harry to prove everyone wrong.

He won’t leave me like Niall did because he loves me differently.

You can’t help who your family is and you have to love them but when you fall in love with someone, it’s a lot stronger then family.

You’re not required to love them, you chose too.

I know most people say family comes first but with my crazy messed up relatives, the only ones I care about is my mum and Cindy.

Especially after Maura embarrassed me like that in front of nearly my whole family.

Now I know what she said isn't true, because Harry promised he’d never leave me.

I refocused on my reflection and tucked a few strands of blonde hair behind my ear. I tilted my head from side to side as I looked at myself.

Once I had decided that I was happy enough with my appearance, I walked out the front door and made my way to Harry’s.

By the time I was outside Harry’s front door, I felt a little bit better about everything.

I was now excited about being with Harry tonight, just the two of us for the night.
I had barely been at Harry’s without Louis there or some kind of distraction so maybe tonight I could take things further with him and not be worried about someone walking in on us.

I knocked a few times and waited for just a few seconds before he swung the door open with a loving smile on his face.

“Hey babe. Feeling better?” I nodded shyly at his words and he leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

He intertwined our hands and led me inside.

Harry had set up the dining room with candles and wine, it looked amazing.

“You did all this for me?”

“Of course I did Page.” He smiled brightly and walked into the kitchen to check on dinner.

I knew now that I wanted to make love with Harry tonight.

Honestly, I felt like I couldn't wait any longer.

“Ready for dinner?” He asked as he came back into view with a red apron on.

I giggled slightly at how cute he looked with it on.

“I'm just going to the bathroom.” I told him and he gave me an uneasy smile before nodding his head.

I walked into the bathroom and quickly fluffed up my hair a bit more and smiled widely to check I didn't have anything in my teeth.

I could probably use some mouth wash right about now, or a tooth brush.

I couldn't see any on the counter so I kneeled down to check the cabinet underneath the sink.

The door was a little hard to open but once it did a large pile of magazines fell out onto the floor in front of me.

I picked one up to see the front cover and could almost feel my heart shatter.

“Baby? Are you okay?” Harry asked as he came into the bathroom but stopped in his tracks when he saw me holding the magazine in my shaking hands.

“Y-you’re dating Taylor again?” I whispered without looking up t met his eyes.

“No I'm not Page. It’s not true.”

“Then why would you have these here? Why would you try to hide it from me?” I voice shook slightly as I tried to stand up from the floor but didn't get very far before I fell back onto my butt.

I couldn't help it and let my tears fall down my cheeks.

He stayed silent as he looked sympathetically at me.

“Y-you promised Harry.”


Here is chapter 41!!!

Hope you guys liked it and I want to thank you for all the support <3
We're only 8 votes away from our goal guys and that's so amazing!

Brianna and I were just talking today about how we can remember when we only had 37 votes and now it's at 92! You guys are awesome and I love every single one of you! xx

Have a great day or night depending on where you are xx

- Kass



Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

Well maybe if you opened the door then he would've told you in person. *sigh*

Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

already 15 chapters in ♡♥♥♥♥♥♡★☆★☆

Will get it up in a few days. Until then I hope you like this story ♡

just started to keep my occupated waiting for an update on life of payne