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Hired For Harry

Chapter 18

Page’s POV

I was right. It was the teen choice awards.

But whatever the freaking award show it is I feel uncomfortable.

And very, very awkward.

Somehow I ended up sitting in-between Harry and Niall, I was going to sit on the end of the row but Harry made me switch with him because he didn’t want to sit next to Niall.

Like I want to sit next to him? I don’t think so.

When Harry asked me to switch seats with him, it was the first and only time all night he has talked to me. He must be lonely not having anyone else to talk to.

Niall on the other hand has been trying to start conversations all night but most of the time I pretend not to be paying attention or tell him that I can’t hear him over the music.

As of right now the host is announcing the nominees for some category that I forgot the name of but I do know that this was one award that the boys were in the running for.

I looked over at Harry to see him already looking at me, he quickly looked away when our eyes locked onto each other’s but I could tell just by that small look that he was nervous.

He had his hands resting on his knees as they bounced slightly.

I took a deep breath and against my better judgement, I reached out or his hand.

He jumped slightly has my hand made contact with his and tensed.

Harry looked over my shoulder then all of the sudden relaxed, I looked at what he was looking at to see Niall had slightly turned his back to us as he waited for the winner to be called.

His warm hand wrapped around mine as he pulled me closer to him.

Time seemed to slow down as I took in the smell of his cologne, god he smelt amazing.

The host lady who I don’t think I’ve ever heard of, paused for that dramatic affect that they do each time.

Slowly she opened the envelope and I felt Harry’s hand tighten around mine.

“One Direction!!!” She screamed and was over powered by everyone else in literally seconds.

It was crazy, people all around us screaming and jumping up to try and spot the reactions of the boys.

Harry jumped up and pulled me with him.

I’m not sure if he said anything because right now I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts.

I pulled him in for a hug and stayed there as Harry wouldn’t let me go.

“I’m so proud of you!” I yelled next to his ear hoping he would hear me.

He grinned down at me as he tightened his grip around my waist.

The noise seemed to die down a bit as he leaned down next to my ear to talk to me.

“There’s only one thing that would make me proud of myself.”

How could he not be proud?!

“And what is that Harry?” I asked.


And with that, warm lips found mine.


I'm sorry it took me so long to update :(

I hope this chapter sort of made up for it.

Love ya!

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-Kassandra xoxo



Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

Well maybe if you opened the door then he would've told you in person. *sigh*

Shivani Khan Shivani Khan

already 15 chapters in ♡♥♥♥♥♥♡★☆★☆

Will get it up in a few days. Until then I hope you like this story ♡

just started to keep my occupated waiting for an update on life of payne