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Change My Mind (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Chapter Seven;

Carrie's P.O.V

I found myself opening up to Niall. Shit. Why did I like this guy so much? Oh, yeah, just the fact that he's beautiful, inside and out. Other than that, Why the fuck am I so drawn to him?..
"This place is really nice. It's like couture. If I could afford an apartment like this.."
"What do you do then?"
"I roll."
"No, Seriously, Carrie."
"I work at a theatre. I didn't have the qualifications to do anything else."
"Things change."
"So, you're a star."
"I suppose so." He laughed.
"Suppose so? Seriously, Niall, you're worth millions." I said, and he blushed.
No, Carrie. Stick to plan. We're picking him up, lifting his hopes then demolishing them, no hope left. Sheesh, sounds harsh, right? But..it's what he did to me. He didn't even say a proper goodbye.
"Carrie, I-"
Kali opened the door. "Time to go." She said, quickly, dragging me from the room.
"Bye!" I called, and Niall grabbed my arm. He put about $300 in my hand, and looked up at me.
"No, I don't-"
"Take it."
"I don't need this."
"You do."
"I don't need your money." I said, throwing it at him as Kali dragged me away.
"When will I see you again?"
"Tomorrow! Starbucks, near the bronx!"

I turned to Kali as we reached the lift, Milly and Ali trailing behind, Ali in fits of laughter.
"What the hell happened."
Kali turned red, looking down.
"Harry was hitting on her, so she threw coke in his face." Alison said, "And Told him he could stick his fucking charm up his-"
"Enough!" I said, exhaling. Everything had happened so fast.
"I didn't mean to, he was being such a dick." Kali replied, in her defence.
"Zayn was being really nice. It was rude of you and Alison to pull me and Car out like that, Kal." Milly whimpered.
"I saw him type his number into your phone, anyways." Alison laughed, and I rolled my eyes.
"Sometimes I wish you had a better way to fight off boys, Kali." Milly changed the subject quickly.

Kali looked up. "How was Niall?" She sang, and I blushed even redder.
"Fine. "
"You gonna' meet him tomorrow?!"
"Maybe. Fuck off, Kali, It's all part of the plan."
"Don't you think-" Alison started, and I scowled.
"I said, fuck off Alison."
"Fine, Just fine, let's just say I warned you, you can't fall for him again, because-" Alison stated, letting Milly finish her sentence.
"You'll fall flat on your face."

I exited the lift, storming in front of every one. The words echoed in my head.
Let's Just Say I warned you, you can't fall for him again. You'll fall flat on your face.
Fall on my heart, more like, and even superglue can't hold it together, I've learned...


Really short, but there's more to come...


Update, I love this!
HopelessDream HopelessDream
Update smelly -bro x
AnotherZaynGirl AnotherZaynGirl
I wuv it<3
AnotherZaynGirl AnotherZaynGirl