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Change My Mind (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Chapter Five;

Niall's P.O.V
I looked in the phone book, through all the Carries. I was stupid, I know, but I had to try.
Carrie..Oakley! Found it. God, what sort of fucking stalker have I turned into? Oh well, YOLO. I read the adress and phone number. 'Carrie Elizabeth Oakley. Residence of Carrie Oakley and Kali Myers, Roomates.' I dialled the phone number, and it dialled. A girl answered. "Hello, Carrie and Kali's Apartment, Alison speaking, may I ask who this Is? Carrie, no, Carrie, you don't drink Jack Daniels Undiluted. CARRIE!" I smiled. "Hello, Can I speak to Carrie? It's Niall."

I heard some mumbling in the background, then Alison returned to the phone. "She's not in at the moment." She lied. I sighed. "Can you take a message? I'm staying at the presidential suite, in the plaza, new york. She doesn't have to...come, I mean, it'd be..Tell her I miss her, okay Alison? Thank you."
"Bye." She said, Hanging up.

I lifted the phone, and dialled again. "Hello? Room service.."

Carrie's P.O.V
"No, No way, I'm not going!" I said shaking my head, and pouring out four more glasses of vodka and redbull for me, Milly, Alison and Kali. "You so are." They said in unison. I sipped my drink. "I hate him." I spluttered, scowling at them. "But isn't that the perfect way to get back at him? Think about it. Make him fall in love with the new, perfect you, and break his heart like he broke yours." Kali smiled, and I thought.
"Could I do that?"
"Totally." Alison gushed. Wow. It wasn't often Alison and Kali agreed.
"I think you should go for it." Milly agreed.

Alison passed me the phone. "Call him!" She said, and handed me a shot of Jack Daniels. I downed it, laughing, and redialled the number. "Hello?" I said, inocently. "Carrie?"
"Yes." I said, awkwardly.
"Carrie, you don't know how glad I am to hear your voice."
"I'll come tomorrow. Around three, okay?"
"That's Fine. But, What happened, you haven't answered any of my letters-"
"I'll explain tomorrow."
"Bye. Carrie, I-"

I hung up, and had a horrible sick feeling in my stomach.
What Had I just done?


Short, But I'm Hyper, and have no attention span


Update, I love this!
HopelessDream HopelessDream
Update smelly -bro x
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I wuv it<3
AnotherZaynGirl AnotherZaynGirl