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The thing with being a nobody is that once you are noticed it turns into a drug.
And once it's gone you don't remember how to live without it . You remember the feeling and wonder how you did it before..

This is the story that led me back to that place.

*flash back*

She is watching me for a while now, but I don't approach her. I don't want to, and she isn't sitting at one of my tables so I don't need to.

I went about my business getting people their orders, and making sure they are satisfied.
He will soon be here to take me home, and then I can forget about her.

"I know who you are,"
I didn't think she will turn to me, but she has.

"Good for you," I mutter under my breath, annoyed I couldn't come up with anything witty or rude to say to get her to leave like he would.

"You are doing a mistake," she continues, and I finally look up at her, really seeing her for the first time since.

The glamour was gone, she seemed tired and sick.

"I look different to you don't I? Well.. if you don't watch it you will too.. this what happens to whoever stays with him," she is up in my face, her stale breath hitting my nose making me recoil.

"He is like a drug-no- poison! And once he enters your blood stream he'll be the death of you," she clenches on to my arm with her broken nails and I am frightened.
Not because she is right, she can't be! We are different!

Or so I thought.

Trailer here

A/N- Read the first chapter- I Promise- you will get hooked


Cassie Price

Cassie Price

The girl he tried to change

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Street racer



@Allie Miller
Wow! Thank you for reading poppet! you're the best!
Hope you're enjoying it xx

I finished it and starting sequel yay

@Allie Miller
Glad you're enjoying it xx there is a sequl out too when you're ready =))

Oh Em Gee!!! Absolutely love this

I'm only on chapter 2 and already loving it!!!!