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Dreaming Of You // If I'm Still Dreaming


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She writes Fan Fiction about him. He has been reading her for a while.

Nobody knows who she is. He's the most wanted male of the moment.

She's a complete mystery. He lives his life in the public eye.

But by intervention of one nosy friend, things are about to change, although nothing is as simple as it might seem.

[Disclaimer: The expressions and views on this writing are not necessarily my own.]




Harry Styles

Harry Styles

One Direction's boys

One Direction's boys


  1. 'You are slow with immaterial women'

    Part I

  2. 'Let’s see if she’s a proper pen pal'

  3. 'It’s too easy'

  4. 'After this I’ll have a master degree on smut'

  5. 'Things seems to connect...'

    [Adult content]

  6. 'Maybe she’s not the person you are expecting'

  7. 'I don’t want to smash into a wall'

  8. 'I can't judge people in their minds'

  9. 'Don’t be sad thinking about what will happen and enjoy what’s left of the ride'

  10. 'I can’t be this mad about a girl I don’t even know'

  11. 'We found her…'

  12. 'This is who I am'

    Part II

  13. 'Things never happen the way we expect to'

  14. 'I’m sure I have dreamt about this'

    [Adult content]

  15. 'You, bloody, little bastard of a Styles...'

  16. 'It was not over'

    [Adult content]

  17. 'You are so uncommon…'

  18. 'The meaning is this'

    [Adult content]

  19. 'I truly suck at love'

  20. 'Haven’t you dreamt of being somebody else?'

    [Adult content]

  21. 'She doesn’t look scared to me'

  22. 'Are you saying he set the whole thing out?'

  23. 'This will become suspicious'

  24. 'You are as a geisha…'

    Part III [Adult content]

  25. 'I’m going to make you throw that book by the window'

  26. 'I know many things about you but I want to learn many more'

    [Adult content]

  27. 'You are a five-year-old'

    [Mild adult content]

  28. 'But I can barely see her bum'

  29. 'Can’t you just say yes?'

  30. 'Will you see me after the end of this leg of the tour?'

  31. 'I could make you come in just five minutes'

    [Mild adult content]

  32. 'She’s another world'

  33. 'You aren’t helping'

  34. 'What could you give her to keep her interested?'

  35. 'I’m one cheeky bastard'

  36. 'You should know by now'

  37. 'Shut up'

    Part IV

  38. 'It seems like fate…'

  39. 'You know I’m from the shire'

  40. 'Please, tell me you love me…'

    [Adult content]

  41. 'Is that so important to you?'

  42. 'Would you prefer an insecure doll who confuses her life with yours?'

  43. 'Don’t be so hasty to judge on something'

    [Mild adult content]

  44. 'But I thought…'

    [Adult content]

  45. 'They seem so different but they are pretty much the same…'

  46. 'While I’m with her I think of crazy things'

  47. 'Do what you feel'

  48. 'I don’t want to see you broken-hearted'

  49. 'Maybe you won’t like the answer'

    [Adult content]

  50. 'It’s her…'

  51. 'You give me this'

    [Mild adult content]

  52. 'You are driving me mad'

    [Adult content]

  53. 'I have nothing more to do here'

  54. 'The original Harry'

    Part V

  55. 'Where do I go from here?'

  56. 'You are still from the shire'

  57. 'I dreamt of you for so long'

  58. 'Is this a dream?'

    [Adult content]

  59. 'Dream on'

    [Adult content]

  60. 'I got fascinated by your mind'

  61. 'She just chose me'

  62. 'Things are not so easy'

  63. 'I hardly listen'

  64. 'Do you think she’ll settle down?'

  65. 'She’s aware of everything'

  66. 'I’ll try to make you that mad all the time'

    Part VI

  67. 'What’s going on?'

  68. 'Artists do have morals'

  69. 'You know exactly who I am'

  70. 'Talking to you is useless'

    [Mild adult content]

  71. 'Please, lie to me'

    [Adult content]

  72. 'How many things have you forgotten?'

  73. 'This is real'

  74. 'Who cares?'

  75. 'It’s just that I love you'

  76. 'This unexpected magic'

  77. Epilogue

  78. 'This is going to be madness'

    [First chapter of the sequel.]

  79. 'I’m late'

  80. 'You have been lying to me for years'

  81. 'A place like water'

  82. 'I remember things'

  83. 'Why is this happening to me?'

  84. 'Fixation is not polite'

  85. 'I am real'

  86. 'Because a kiss is exactly what we need'

  87. 'I don’t want to force my way into her life'

  88. 'I just discovered I love Chanel Nº5'

  89. 'What’s in a kiss?'

  90. 'You wouldn’t believe'

  91. 'We were legion'

  92. 'Is this even real?'

  93. 'Can you die from Sars?'

  94. 'This is becoming even shadier'

  95. 'This is another life'

  96. 'Everything is too complicated'

  97. 'It’s not like I’ve been waiting for Mr. Right'

  98. 'What did I do?'

  99. 'It’s the year of our Lord 2019'

  100. 'I don’t know whether to feel disappointed or not'

  101. 'Who is Jeanne Mars?'

  102. 'The great pretender'

  103. 'This is fucked up'

  104. 'You are always rushing in'

  105. 'Which time is this time?'

  106. 'You have to blame me for everything'

  107. 'All this time'

  108. 'I can only imagine'

  109. 'I cannot let it end like this'

  110. 'The past should stay in the past'

  111. 'Timely'


miss you a lot friend,
message me sometime if you have the chance ❤️

You promised you would never make us wait for an update that long again... *cries*


I hope your life is everything that you want it to be. It seems like the past couple of months have really changed my perspective of the world, and how much you need to appreciate the little things in life. You never know when life will snatch them away from you.

I have really appreciated all that you have done for me. I miss your constantly developing plot, and your infinitesimal points of detail. In other words, I miss this story so much.

I feel like so much has happened since the last time you updated. I hope you know that I am always eagerly awaiting your next chapter. Even if it's 5 years from now, and I am a fully licensed Speech Language Pathologist, I will try my best to keep up my support. Maybe next year while I am studying abroad in Italy you will find the motivation to continue. Who knows what's going to happen. Maybe I should take the quote from the t-shirt I am currently wearing. "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know you're gonna get."


Morgan__Who Morgan__Who

Oh no, and then the moment came there's no next chapter anymore! What do I have to do with my spare time now?!
On a serious note: I loved loved looooooved your story so far. I loved the way the sequel wasn't the same as 'Dreaming of you'. Another timeset, other places, other people getting involved, and the tension being build up from the beginning till now. Their 'relationship' didn't went back to the way things were in France 4 years ago, it needed time to get together again and in a different way (happy about their love right now, but after 111 chapters I know things can change...). I really loved the way you wrote about Mark Owen as being Jeanne's 'Boyband crush'. I've been such a big fan of Take That and Mark was my first true love when I was 11 or so. His picture was hanging above my bed, wich I kissed goodnight every night. (I guess I've just spilled my age, haven't I? ;-) )
When I read the last comments, I think your last update was from 2 months ago. I really hope you can find the time, the energy and the inspiration to finish this story, because I'm hooked! Give me a warning when you'll write a book, I will be in front of the bookstore, waiting!

Love, Leah

leah leah

Dear You,

I've started reading this story two days ago. From the very first chapter I'm hooked and I can't stop reading. I don't want to go out, I don't want to sleep, I just want to read. Not to know how it will end actually, because I don't want it to end! So I try to find a balance between reading fast en making it last a little bit longer. I'm a fan of Harry from the day Sign of the times has released, so I have a lot of catching up to do. When you mention a song or a situation with One Direction, I look for it on Google or YouTube. So you're helping me to get to know the world of Harry and 1D, thank you for that! I've been to Paris a couple of times, It's such a beautiful city. I have good, romantic, memories of the times I've been there. You're writing about the city is so accurate and lively, it feels I'm there again by reading. My heart nearly broke for Harry and Jeanne when I read the last chapter of Dreaming of you. Happy to know there's a sequel, I going to start reading that now. I just wanted to write you this, because in the notes below the chapters you seem like a very nice, caring person. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story! (I hope my writing makes sence, English isn't my native language so I know I make a lot of mistakes. I'm sorry!)
Love, Leah

leah leah