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[1| The Cracked Flower.]

Yesterday I died... I had been laying in bed all day. I didn’t want to speak, see, or even hear anyone. I wanted to rot. I know what your thinking, “I have better things to do than read about your moping”. I promise, I won’t just be describing all my moping to you the whole time... My boyfriend -ex boyfriend- Tobi, had given me the news he was simply tired of me. He wanted nothing more to do with me, and tossed me aside. I had been in a state of depression for a week now. ‘I let myself get to attached...’ I thought to myself, slowly letting out a tired sigh. I was tired emotionally. Soon, after I closed my eyes again, I heard curtains swish open, and felt heat make my skin tingle. I opened my dark brown orbs, and light from the sun blinded them, causing me to squint.

“Harmony, It’s not healthy to lay in your bed for days at a time.” came a familiar voice.

I loved to hear that voice. That cheerful, breath taking, irish voice... I opened my eyes again and looked up to see Niall Horan. My best friend. Maybe he could cheer me up. Maybe he could help me get out of this state. Slowly, I sat up on my bed, still keeping the covers wrapped around my body.

“Niall... what do want...” I said, probably a bit icily. It wasn’t my intention to sound that way, tho.

“I’m here because we are gonna spend the day together.” Hearing him say this made me look at him, with an slight eyebrows raised.

“Do you really want to be around me right now, Niall?”


Sighing, I threw the covers off me, and planted my feet on the cold hardwood floor. I rubbed my eyes, and made my way, tiredly, over to my closet.

“Just wait for me in the living room, I need to take a shower and get dressed...” I said rather quietly, but Niall heard it and a grin spread across his face.

“Okay, don’t take to long” He teased, and exited my bedroom.

I let myself let out a deep and long sigh, as I flung clothes onto my bed, and entered the bathroom. I closed and locked the door, stripping off my close, stepping into the shower. Steam filled the room as I turned hot water on. Since no one could hear me, I let myself have one last good sob.

After my shower and sob session, I quickly got out and threw my clothes on. I didn’t really feel like blow drying my hair, so I just brushed it out. Plus, there was no point in keeping Niall waiting on my pathetic butt all day. I mean, even if he’s my best friend, he could have been doing something more fun right now. But no, he was here. Waiting on me to get ready in my sorry state. I gave my self a last look over in the mirror, slipped my shoes on, grabbed my purse, and went to the living room.

“Okay Nialler, I’m ready...”

Niall smiled at me, and gave me a thumbs up as if he was ‘approving’ my look for today.

“You look lovely Harmony.”

“Oh hush, i’m a mess.” I said, tho he managed to get the corners of my mouth to turn up a bit.

“Where are we going?”


“Of course.”
...Tomorrows leaving.


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