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Spy Love


Skylar Brown, Spy of The Restistance of The U.S.A. Mom, Dad, Brother, also spies. Our mission, stop the most evil terrorist ever in the World. He plans to take over it, but will us Resistance stop him? All of our countries, continents, and people are one big state, coming together to stop him. I am teamed up with my brother, and a team from Great Britain. Team 1D. But only one of them is on board, Liam Payne. Everyone else in that team is so... distracted. Is it enough to stop the Terrorist, Fletcher Anisuite?


Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Skylar's Brother. He promised to protect her, since almost everyone on their team are boys. He is filled with suspicion to save his own sister.

Lee Anisuite

Lee Anisuite

He's the terrorist's son. He is a handsome, but rudeful boy, who falls in love with Skylar. He's willing to get her, even when he's evil! But Lee will try anything, even kill.

Skylar Brown

Skylar Brown

She is the fearless girl who is with the Resistance. She is 19, and very beautiful. All the boys don't take her very seriously, but give her a rope... they wished they never doubter her. When Team 1D comes, she feels compatible with Liam, but love is not an option for this mission.

Team 1D

Team 1D

The whole One Direction group. They are a spy team from Great Britain who are the well known popular spies. All of these guys have a love interest to Skylar, but only Liam seems to get it under control. Is he the one Skylar's meant to be with?


  1. Who I am

    Hi. I'm Skylar Brown.

  2. "First in a while..."

    Everyone goes, meeting each other. Falling for people, et cetera, et cetera...


can you please update