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Fix Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Chapter 9

Skylar's POV
Its been almost a week since I last saw Liam. I've wanted to text him and call him to see where he was or if he was okay, but I was just too scared so I chickened out every time I tried.
"Stop mopping around and just text him already!" Callie said to me as she rolled her eyes,
"I just don’t know what I'm suppose to say to him." I replied, looking down at my phone just hoping maybe he would be the one to text. I hate being the first person to call or text someone, specially someone that I've known for a little while yet has done so much to help me in my life.
"Whatever, don’t listen to me. I don’t know why you are so worried about him anyways, it was you that got hurt that night." she said in a annoyed tone of voice.
in a way she was right but I've always done this thing where I cared more about others than I have with myself, I've always been that way and I don’t think its going to change now.
I remember I spent the whole day thinking about him. Think about why he isn't talking to me or what I did to make him so distant from me suddenly, I don’t think I could figure it out anymore because I had officially spent the 12 hours sitting in my room thinking.
I take out my journal and start to write, without noticing all I could do was just write down his name and everything about him that I didn’t know that I noticed until that moment I looked down at the page.
"Liam. Liam's eyes. Liam's lips. Liam's hair. Liam's smile. Liam's birthmark. Liam's strength. Liam's laugh. Liam's smirk. Liam's voice. Liam's hands....god those hands. The way he walks and the way he says my name" I kept writing for as long as I could remember, pin pointing little things about him I didn’t think that he even knew and nor did I, after all I didn’t know him that well and to even notice these things was a shock to me as well.
I want to hear his voice so bad. I want to, no I need to know if he is ok, I need to know, I have to know
"Please..." I whispered to myself while writing.
Liam's POV
I pick up my phone but I hesitate to do anything else. I'm scared to even talk to her, to know if she's okay or if she needs anything. after that night I didn’t want to know if she was afraid of me or not, after all I did black out and come back to reality after seeing the mess I made.
"I cant believe I did that.." I said to myself.
"You good mate?" Zayn said to me as he walked in through the door
"Yeah, im good" I replied
"Good because I saw Callie and we wanted to go see a movie, want to come? I'm sure Skylar will be there" he said to me while he changed out of his soccer uniform.
I didn’t say anything I just shook my head knowing he was looking and waiting for a response.
"You cant run away from her forever man, you gotta at least say one word" he said to me and the thing was that he was actually right.
The whole time I was getting ready. You couldn't stop thinking about the her and how she smiled when she thought I wasn't looking, there's something about something but I've never seen before in a girl she had a way about her she was guarded and shy at same time, I could tell that if she wanted to let her guard down easily that she would get hurt, no matter who she was with but I guess that's what drew me to her in the first place.
We got to the movie theaters and saw the girls waiting outside, laughing. Zayn and I made our way to them both and the first thing I noticed was that smile on her face suddenly had disappeared and I couldn’t but to think maybe I was the cause of that smile, the glow she had in her to go away. I felt like shit about it, I just looked at them, waved and put on a half smile just to be polite and all I kept hearing was the voice in the back of my head saying "don’t fuck things up again", even though I don’t know what more I could do to ruin everything since I already messed her mood up as soon as she saw my damn face, I just want tonight to end as soon as possible, that’s all I wanted.




Nelliejay Nelliejay

@angieuhlmann you have made my day! thank you so much for reading :) ill add more chapters asap!! we will see what happens, im thinking of a surprise plot twist. STILL THINKING about it ahah :) glad you are enjoying!

Nelliejay Nelliejay

Things are beginning to happen now! I just wish she would open up a little bit to Liam and let him in some. Maybe now that he has saved her twice, she will be able to trust that he isn't going to hurt her the way she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend. Good fanfic!! Gotta love Payno!!

angieuhlmann angieuhlmann

AH!! thank you soooo much! i will as soon as im finished this semester in uni! which is in like a week! i will update soon

Nelliejay Nelliejay