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Fix Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Chapter 5

All I can see is her perfect hair flowing and her perfect smile, the way he looked at her and just I don’t know how to stop being jealous of her which is weird because, I shouldn’t be. While laying writing I hear knocking on my door, I don’t even this it’s a knock its more like a punch to my door.

I got up and walk over, opening the door and there's Callie catching her breathe. She leaned over holding the door frame and said breathlessly,
"He. Is. Here." pausing to take a breathe with each word that came out of her mouth
"He who? who is here?" I replied,
"Marcus. Marcus is here, I saw him in the parking lot and I ran here as fast as I could" she said quickly then walked in closing the door and locking it. She looked at me just standing there will a shocked look on my face and I didn’t seem to move, well more like I couldn’t move.
"Skylar...are you okay? talk, say something" asking nervously,
"I um. I have to go" I stuttered and grabbed my stuff, walking out the room as quickly as I could. I don’t even think I saw my feet moving that’s how fast I was trying to leave the campus. As I was walking I looked around made sure no one was around and I was near my car when I felt someone grab my arm hard and spin me around.
"Well, Hello beautiful." he said with that devilish smirk that I hated.
"Let go of me.." I said in a low voice,
"Now now, where are your manners? you should be more nice to me" he laughed a little as he squeezed my arm a little more
"Ow, Marcus stop you're hurting me" my voice got a little higher and I looked at him. He just stared at me and laughed as I tried to pull away.
"Hey, what's going on" I turn my head around and see Liam walking towards us,
"Nothing. I'm fine go please" I looked at Marcus as I said it and saw him getting angry, I hated when he got angry, no I don’t hate it I get scared more than anything.
"There is nothing to see here, move along man" He said to Liam,
"Please calm down..." I whispered to him so maybe he would calm down and I felt him let go of my arm as Liam got closer. He stared me down, clenching his jaw together.
"I will be seeing you soon." he said as he walked away from me. I held my hand to my chest breathing slowly and feeling lucky that he didn’t do anything but I knew he would sooner or later.
"Are you okay? Who was that?" Liam asked me as he stood in front of me,
"I'm...I'm fine. I just need to go." I stared at the ground and walked away, getting into my car and drove away without knowing where I wanted to go.


9 Months Earlier.

"WHO WAS HE?" Marcus yelled at me as I walked into his apartment.
"What are you talking about?" I said
"Who he hell is that guy you were with today huh?" he walked closer to me, anger showing on his face,
"Baby, calm down. its not what you think, he is just a friend he was helping me out giving me information for when I leave" I said to him stuttering a bit, not knowing what I say will trigger him to get even more angry than he is.
"DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME SKY!" he yelled, throwing the glass at me.
I put my hands over my head and hide my face. He came up to me, grabbing my hands moving them from my face and squeezed them so tight that I could feel the pain up my arms.
"Please stop, I didn’t....I didn't do anything. please" I said stuttering and scared.
I closed my eyes as his fist face to my face, he throw me across the floor yelling and cursing at me
"YOU ARE A LIAR THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE, LIARS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE" he kept saying as he hit me. I didn’t say anything I just stayed on the floor crying in pain and trying to push him away from me.

When he stopped I thought I was going to die there on the floor with blood around me. I don’t think I was ever so scared in my life before until that day. When he left, all I could do it grab my stuff as fast as I could and just leave.

I stood outside Callie's house knocking on the door, she opened the door and saw the most horrified look on her face.
"Skylar", she said, gasping and helped me inside.
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even think straight all I did for the next couple of hours was cry and have her there to comfort me while I told her everything




Nelliejay Nelliejay

@angieuhlmann you have made my day! thank you so much for reading :) ill add more chapters asap!! we will see what happens, im thinking of a surprise plot twist. STILL THINKING about it ahah :) glad you are enjoying!

Nelliejay Nelliejay

Things are beginning to happen now! I just wish she would open up a little bit to Liam and let him in some. Maybe now that he has saved her twice, she will be able to trust that he isn't going to hurt her the way she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend. Good fanfic!! Gotta love Payno!!

angieuhlmann angieuhlmann

AH!! thank you soooo much! i will as soon as im finished this semester in uni! which is in like a week! i will update soon

Nelliejay Nelliejay