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Fix Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Chapter 11

Skylar's POV

All I could think about was the past, all I thought about was how much he hurt me and how he didn’t even seem to care about it.
I couldn’t do it, I just got up and left the movie theatre. I walked as fast as I could without even noticing how fast my feet were moving, I open the door and walk outside and take a deep breath in. I wanted to do nothing but cry at that moment, to just sit on the ground and cry until I was all empty but the worst part is, I already feel empty and already keep so much inside that I know sooner or later it will all come out and I'm afraid, terrified actually.

"Hey Stranger", I turned around and saw Liam standing beside me.
"Oh, um hi" I replied not really expecting him to even be there, he stood out there with me asking me how the movie was and trying to make me laugh, at least he tried too. I didn’t say much to him, I didn’t even look at him much either I was just so in my own world and thinking about things that I really shouldn’t even be that I didn’t pay attention to him.
"So, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want but about the other night..." he sounded nervous just having those words come out of his mouth.
"Lets, just forget it happened please" I said to him
I could tell that he didn’t want to forget about it, I could just tell by the way he looked at me

We both stood there for what felt like forever without saying one word to one an other, which didn't help at all with the awkward silence.
About half an hour later, Callie and Zayn walked out laughing and waved at us.
"What's so funny?", Liam said as he turned over to them.
"Callie managed to fall on her face while coming out of her seat, it was one of those "you had to be there" moments", he replied while laughing
"It wasn't my fault I tripped!!" Callie said as she hit him on the arm playfully and Liam laughed along with them, on the other hand just stood there with no emotion to show for the whole thing.

After that part, I kind of just blocked out everything else while turning around and walked back to the car and the whole time, I said nothing not even a sigh to express how I felt, I do t think anyone understand how I feel then again no one ever will.


Liam's POV

we stood there without saying a word, all I wanted to know was what is going on through her mind at this moment and why she seems so afraid of talking about it.
I just stared at her for most of that awkward silence and she didn’t turn my way once, as if she didn’t know I was even there anymore.

I turned my head towards the entrance of the theater and saw Callie and Zayn walking out just laughing and Callie having a little limp to her walk.
"What's so funny?", I asked them
"Callie managed to fall on her face while coming out of her seat, it was one of those "you had to be there moments", he couldn’t seem to stop laughing as he replied and Callie protecting her clumsiness said in return,
"it wasn’t my fault I tripped!!" and hit Zayn on his arm,
"Ow, violent......i like it", he said to her with a smirk.
"Alright, play frisky later please, we don’t need to see it", I said to them while laughing. I turned to Skylar and it was like she disappeared out of thin air. "Where'd she go?" I asked Callie,
"The car." She replied with a sigh in her voice, like she always did this.
We all walked back to our car's and all I saw was Skylar leaning against it and looking up at the sky with her headphones in her ears, it was like she didn’t care about where we was at that moment because she was in her own world and in her own world, there was no one else there but her.
"Skylar!", Callie said nudging her arm which scare her a little
"Shit, I mean yes, what is it?" she replied
"Snap out of it..." she whispered to her, and Skylar just nodded then got into the car. After saying our goodbyes we all left our own separate ways, and the only thing I thought about the entire ride home was her and how I couldn’t figure her out and why I wanted to at the same time.


Skylar's POV

I just wanted to get out of there, I couldn’t stand being close to anyone anymore not even Callie. All I wanted to do was to go back to my room and sleep for days on end without having to deal with anyone's bullshit, including mine.
"You need to stop acting so weird" Callie said while driving.
"What?" I replied,
"You need to stop doing this to yourself. I'm here for you, we are all here for you but stop acting like this, you know Liam likes you right? he walked out the theatres so fast to see if you were okay that he didn’t even let me finish talking to him" she said,
"And what is it that you want me to do Callie? be happy and pretend that I'm okay and nothing is wrong with me? no thanks, I don’t care what people think of me" I said, getting a little angry. I found it dumb that she would want this from me, she's known me inside and out since we were young and yet she wants me to change who I am because she found s new group of people and would feel bad to leave me?
"look, I get you made new friends and all but if you want to be around them so bad and I'm ruining it for you then go without me. I never asked to be a part of this group Callie, so stop trying to get me to change" I continued.
"I'm not telling you to change Sky, they like having you around. I am saying its time to let go of some things and be happy" she said in a low tone.
I didn’t say anything back, I just shook my head and got out the car once she had parked it and headed to my room.
I change, get into bed having my headphones in, trying to forget everything for as long as it takes. As I look up at my ceiling all I thought about was how long tonight had been, I felt like the time just stood still and I just wanted it to end so I can finish another miserable day onto the other but I don’t know while I was thinking about my miserable day, I thought of him and the way he looked at me all night and for a second I smiled to myself just because of him. He had made me smile and didn’t even know.




Nelliejay Nelliejay

@angieuhlmann you have made my day! thank you so much for reading :) ill add more chapters asap!! we will see what happens, im thinking of a surprise plot twist. STILL THINKING about it ahah :) glad you are enjoying!

Nelliejay Nelliejay

Things are beginning to happen now! I just wish she would open up a little bit to Liam and let him in some. Maybe now that he has saved her twice, she will be able to trust that he isn't going to hurt her the way she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend. Good fanfic!! Gotta love Payno!!

angieuhlmann angieuhlmann

AH!! thank you soooo much! i will as soon as im finished this semester in uni! which is in like a week! i will update soon

Nelliejay Nelliejay