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You've got that one thing (a Harry Styles Love story)

Chapter 3: the shoot

The other two models came in and introduced themselves as Rose and Grace. Grace seemed very nice and friendly but Rose kept bragging about which shoots she had done and how many photos she has in her portfolio. We all talked while Jackie, the hair/make-up artist, did our hair and make-up one by one. The guys apparently rented a house in L.A. For 1,5 week so they were staying here for a little while after the video would be done.


After we all got dressed en dolled up the shooting of 'What makes you beautiful' started. The guys already did some shots the day before so most of the shots that still had to be done were the ones with Grace, Rose and me in it. We had a lot of fun running and dancing around the beach. After the first shot the director came to me and asked me to do a scene with only Harry and me. There was a slow part in the song which Harry was singing. And the director wanted Harry to sing it to me while I was standing right in front of him. I of course said yes although I was really nervous about it.


After the director walked away Harry came walking up to me. “So we're gonna do a scene together” he said while smiling at me. “I guess so” I smiled shyly. “so what do you think of the song?” he asked after sitting down on a fallen tree and padding on the spot next to him. “I really like it, it is probably gonna be stuck in my head for the next couple of days” I laughed as I sat down. “So uhm the lads and me are trowing a small party tomorrow to celebrate filming our first music video, I wondered if you liked to come” he said with the most beautiful smile on his face. “I'd loved to come”. I wanted to scream out: I have been invited to an one direction party! But I kept it in, I didn't wanted to look like a hysteric fan.


Harry's smile got even bigger and he pulled out his phone and started typing something in. “if you put in your number I can text you with the details and address” he said while handing me his phone. “oke” I put in my number and handed his phone back. Our hands touched for a second and I felt a little shock go from my hand throughout my whole body. I think Harry might have felt it to, we looked at each other and our heads were slowly moving closer.


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