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You've got that one thing (a Harry Styles Love story)

Chapter 1: the meeting

I was really excited. Today I was going to meet one direction! My agent here in L.A. Said they wanted to do their first music video here and they wanted me in it :) I couldn't believe my ears when he called me with the news. I did had to skip a few classes with my finals only being 2 weeks away, but I just couldn't let this change slip away. I have been a fan of the boys, and especially Harry, from their first performance together on x-factor.


I had never gotten up faster than today. I took a shower and got dresses while I had the guys' performances from x-factor playing on my computer. I just had to dance and sing along. After breakfast I gathered my stuff and drove to the set of the shoot, which was a beach in Malibu. When I got there I talked to the first person I saw “Hi I'm Amber, one of the models for the shoot” “Hi, you're a little early but you can go to the hair and make-up trailer over there” the woman pointed at the first trailer in a row of only 2. “I am Julie by the way, the directors assistant” She said while shaking my hand. “Nice to meet you, I'll get going I can see you're very busy” I said and made my way to the trailer.


I was wandering in thought about what I would have to do and if I would be able to talk to the guys. I opened the door and walked in. When I looked up I instantly froze. Harry, Liam, Naill, Zayn and Louis were right in front of me getting their hair fixed. It took me a few seconds before I could speak again. I could only say “Hi” and smile. Everyone turned around to look at me. “Uhm I'm Amber one of the models, Julie told me to go here, but if you want I can also come back later” I said to the hair and make-up artist. “are you so afraid of us that you want to wait outside?” Harry asked with a big grin on his face. “No I …. just thought uhm …. I don't know what I thought” Everyone laughed including me.


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