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It all Began in the Hospital (Harry Styles)

Chapter 7 - Nandos! (Niall)

When we left Harry in the Hospital, knowing that when he will wake up, the nurse will call us.

- Ok, guys, - Zayn said, - let's do something fun.

- I'm hungry, - I said.

- Of course you are, - Louis said.

- What?, - I said, as they all stared at me.

- Then let's go to Nandos!, - Liam said.

- Yaaay, - I shouted, as I ran towards the car.

When we came to Nandos, we ate and then we decided to play football in the park.

We left Nandos and we walked to the park, where we split up into two grups: me, Eleanor and Louis in the first group and in the second - Daniele, Zayn and Liam.

Perrie said she had to go rehearsing for a concert tomorrow.

We said goodbye to Perrie and started to play football.



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