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It all Began in the Hospital (Harry Styles)

Chapter 6 - In the hospital (Amanda)

I woke up today in my lonely bed as well as the house. I did my morning stuff and went downstairs to make breakfast.

My name is Amanda. I'm 18 years old and I live in London. I have a celebrity crush. It's Harry Styles from One Direction. I had the crush since they went to the X factor. I love their songs.
My family. My father passed out a week ago and my mother is in a condition not very stable in the hospital.

The school. I have graduated school last week. It was the day, when my father died.

Work. I'm now working in Starbucks to earn some money, since my mother is in the hospital. Today I have a day off.

Friends. I have two friends. Emma and Anne. They are Great friends. Emma loves One Direction like me and has a crush on Niall. Anne doesn't love One Direction, but she is a good friend for helping me.

I ate my breakfast and looked at the watch. It said 10:30 p.m. It was time to go to the hospital and see my mom, how she is doing?

I got dressed up in jeans and a One Direction t-shirt and I called Emma to walk with me to the hospital.

She came and we started to walk to the hospital.

When we came to the hospital, I told Emma to wait for me in the waiting room, while I go and see my mother.

I went upstairs and went to my mothers room, which numbers was 216.

I opened the doors and I was about to say Hi to my mother, when instead of my mother I saw a Boy.

He had brown chocolate curls. Why do I have a feeling, that I know him from somewhere?

Brown chocolate curls. It can't be Him?

I walked closer and I realized that I feel butterflies in my stomach.

I looked into his face and recognized him. He was Harry Styles from One Direction!

Then I saw his arms and I saw that there were bruises and scars all over his arms.

What happened to him?



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