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It all Began in the Hospital (Harry Styles)

Chapter 2 - The Call from Harry (Zayn)

It has been 3 hours since Harry left. He hasn't called to one of us to say that he got there safe.

- Hey boys, - I said to the boys, - has Harry called to you?

They shook their heads. And Louis started to cry.

- Louis, don't cry, - Liam said, - I hope Harry is okay.

- I'll call him, - I said.

I took my phone out, unlocked it and scrolled through my contakts to find Harry's phone number. I pressed call and waited. After a sec, it turned off, because Harry was calling my number. I answered the phone and I heard a crash.

- Harry? - No answer.

- Harry? - Still no answer.

- HARRY? - I yelled through the phone.

- HARRY! - I yelled, as I felt some liquid running on my face.

I was crying, when I heard the voices of a car, which sounded like an ambulance.



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