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It all Began in the Hospital (Harry Styles)

Chapter 1 - The Accident (Harry)

Hey, I am Harry from the world biggest boy band - One Direction. Harry Styles. We were now on a summer break. Before that we had some concerts all around the world, like Australia, New Zeland, America, and etc.
We have all summer for a break, so we are in London, now.
Me and the lads are staying at a hotel.
Then I thought that I could use some summer time to see my mother and my sister. I wonder how are they doing?
So, I called my mother and said that I will be coming in a few hours and she said that I can come.
So I say to the lads:
- Hey, lads! I'm going home for a week, if thats ok with you?
- Yeah, go ahead, - Zayn said and Liam agreed on it too.
- Well, see in a week, - I said.
- Bye, Hazza, - Louis said, giving me a hug, - but if ANYTHING will happen to you, Call us, ok?
I nodded. Then I grabbed my things and walked to my car, which was black Range Rover.
I started the car and drove of our driveway.
I was driving really slow and listening to the radio, where I heard one of our songs - What Makes You Beautiful and I started to sing along.
I wasn't watching the road, when a truck came in sight. Before I knew it, I just tried to call Zayn, when the truck crashed into my car and everything went black.




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