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If I'm Louder, Would You See Me?


Brielle and Leighton are Americans. Actually they are both American and English/British. You see, their mother, Andrea, went to England back in 1990, she dated and married a man who goes by Robin Twist. Leigh and Brie's mom and real dad got a divorce after Rob and Andrea decided they were two completely different people.

Niall is Irish. He has an amazing singing voice. He has had troubles with his girlfriends in his past, but now just wants to find a girl who can be his.

Zayn is the boy who was never liked as a child. He joined One Direction and now has many girls wanting him. He only wants one girl to commit to.

Harry is the step-brother. He is in a band and has an amazing voice. How will he treat his new found step-sisters?

Liam and Louis are complete opposites. Liam likes to be responsible and keep to himself, while Louis would rather have fun and party with everybody. They both are amazing singers, and don't forget to mention that the boys are all attractive!

I would appreciate it if you would comment and subscribe. Also I'm disclaiming One Direction. This is a work of fiction and I only wish it were true. The boys may not act the exact same as I write, but this is fan-fiction and I don't know them personally. If I did know them, then I wouldn't be writing this right now. Anywho, enjoy my story!



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