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Hunting Harry Styles

Chapter One - Asdfghjkl;

*Hallie's P.O.V*

"Orange mocha, please," I nodded at the cashier, placing a bill on the counter.

"Name?" She politely smiled.

"Hallie Matthews," I murmured, not bothering to look up from my phone.

"Well, Hallie Matthews, take a seat and your drink will be ready soon," she chuckled, thinking she was being witty. I merely nodded and walked to an empty booth, placing my bag on the table.

"Hi! Can I sit here?" I raised my head. A tall, brunette boy smiled sweetly at me, motioning to the empty seat beside me.

"Sure," I smiled back, lacing my fingers.

"I'm Liam."

"Hallie." I replied softly.

"I know this seems weird but my mate thinks you're really cute but doesn't have the guts to say hi," he chuckled. I laughed softly, following his finger to look across the cafe.

There were four boys sat at a booth. Three of them were laughing hysterically. A curly haired one was looking at me with a soft, shy smile. Harry Styles. Just as planned.

I wiggled by fingers at him and winked. His eyes widened in shock but his smile grew and he waved back.

"Give him this," I quickly scribbled my name and number on a scarp of paper from my bag and handed it to Liam.

"Hallie Matthews!" I stood, confidently walking over to the counter. I took my drink from the cashier before walking out of the cafe. Stage one. Completed.

Harry's P.O.V*

"Check her out," Niall whispered, nodding his head to the brunette girl at the counter. Holy wow. Her legs were long and tanned, shown perfectly by her shorts. Louis nudged me, wiggling his eyebrows.

"If I weren't with Eleanor, I'd tap that," the boys laughed at Louis' remark. I shook my head with a sigh. I'd screw up. I'd probably say something seriously embarrassing.

"She's cute," I mumbled, leaning on my palms and watching her as she sat at a table.

"That's it. Either you talk to her or I'll do it for you," Liam sighed, crossing his arms. I shook my head quickly. He quickly stood before I could protest and sauntered over to her table. Oh crud. The others were laughing hysterically. I blushed wildly as she caught my eye. My eyes widened even further when she waved and winked. I weakly waved back, my eyes practically bulging from their sockets. Liam then stood and walked back over as she went to take her order.

"You're welcome," he smiled, handing me a scrap of paper.

You're cute too xx -Hallie
Call me 01386 - - - - - - - - - -

"Just text her already!" Zayn groaned. I didn't bother look up. I just stared at the glowing screen of my phone.

To: Hallie
Hey x It's Harry from Starbuks :) Wanna hang sometime? -Harry

Five minutes...ten minutes...

From: Hallie
Sounds cool x Nando's at five?

I was practically jumping around for joy. I couldn't even force words from my mouth as I danced around the living room. They guys were looking at me like I was crazy as hell.

To: Hallie
Gr8 ;) See u then

Be cool, Harry. Be ice. Chanel your inner glacier. Phew. I'm perfectly cool. I just got a date with one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen. ASdfghjkl;


Hey! Yes, yes, it's still short, I know. The chaper won't get longer until I get more votes and views. Also, you have to comment if you want longer or shorter chapters. Shorter chapters are quicker updates and longer chapters take longer to update! xxx


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