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Hunting Harry Styles

Prologue - The Mission

*Hallie's P.O.V*

"You're kidding...right?" My voice wavered as I met Mr Swift's cold, blue eyes. For being in his early fifties, age seemed to have been kind to him. He had grey-blonde curls on his balding head, his piercing, glacial azure eyes brightly glinted as he smiled.

"Hallie, this could get us over 1 million pounds just for carving this boy's gravestone!" Mr Swift, my boss, grinned at me, taking the booklet from my hands.

"I dunno..." I drawled, biting my lip softly.

"Please, Hallie!"

"What's the catch? I would've thought you'd have put Kami on this one." I raised my chin and eyebrow.

"There are others after him. You need to get closer to him. Crawl into his life then take it. Play the part of the heartbroken best-friend." He sighed, lacing his thin fingers. I nodded softly.

"Alright." I breathed, pushing myself from the table and heading towards the door.

"Oh, and Hallie?"


"Make sure Harry Styles goes down without a sound."


Ana tackled me to the ground, pressing her knife against my throat. Instincts and years of training kicked in. I slapped her wrist away, dropping to the floor and swinging my foot out. When it collided with her ankle, she fell to the floor. I dived onto of her, pinning her arms above her head and grabbing her knife. I pressing the knife against her throat.

"You win," she wheezed, her blonde curls bobby as she weaseled from underneath me. I smiled triumphantly, handing her the knife. She trailed after me to my locker in the training room. I unwrapped my bandaged hands, placing them on the top shelf and cracking my knuckles. Ana was the 'brains' of the operation. She got me any information I needed. I placed my ear piece in and she pushed hers on, too.

"Testing, testing," she whispered into her mouth piece.

"Hearing you loud and clear," I chuckled, slipping my hands into my pockets.

"C'mon, Marcus wants to get you set up," she nodded, taking my hand and dragging me out of the training area.


Marcus beamed at me, swinging the chair so I was facing the mirror. My mouth dropped open in shock. My usually straight, average brunette hair was lightly curled in subtle waves. My eyes had a soft wash of light brown eye shadow and a cute cat eye. "Wow." I breathed, staring blankly at my reflection.

"Beautiful!" Marcus chirped, clapping his hands gleefully.

"Hal! C'mon, we gotta head back!" Hayley called from the door. In some sort of daze, I stood, stumbling over to her and out of the door. Tomorrow, the mission begins.


Yes, yes, I know it's short! It's just the prologue so don't get your knickers in a twist ;) Leave a comment and let me know what you think! xxx


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