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The World Was Built For Two

Chapter Six

Niall's POV

So all of the lads assumed that I would be awake and dressed by eleven thirty to head over to Dina's flat. But in reality, when they came to me flat because I didn't meet them in the hall, I was just waking up again. I would at least be already awake but I had a terrible nightmare that forced me awake in the wee hours of the morning.

"Come on Niall! It's eleven forty-five!" Harry shouted from me living room.

"I'm coming" I grumbled back. I hate being rushed when I wake up.

I walked right past the boys all crowded up on me couch and out the door. I called for the lift as the boys scrambled out of me flat.

"Well someone is grumpy even though they slept in." Harry teased in a sing-song voice.

"I had a nightmare and it seems like as soon as I finally get back to sleep you shower of cunts come and wake me up." I mumbled as the elevator doors opened and I stepped inside.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Zayn asked while attempting to comfort me by rubbing me back.

"I found Aingeal and when she realized who I has she said that she hated me. She wished that she had given me half of her charm so I could be a nobody. She said that the accident was all my fault and that it ruined her life." I rubbed me eyes and blinked a few times before I spoke again, "She said I didn't deserve to be in the band."

Me voice cracked and a second later all of the boys engulfed me in a group hug. I couldn't stop meself from sniffling and hugging whoever I could get me arms around.

"Aingeal would never say that." Liam stated from me right.

"Yeah, she would be proud of you." Zayn pitched in from me left.

"She would be reminding you everyday of how much you deserve to be in the band. How much you deserve all of this." Louis stated from in front of me. There was something in his voice that told me to trust me on that. Just then, there was a ding and the doors slid open.

"Thank you guys. I really needed that." I spoke as they slowly released me one-by-one.

"No problem mate," Zayn chirped and threw his arm around me shoulders, "That's what we're here for."

Louis pressed the door bell and waited for a minute. Soon there were light footsteps going down the stairs towards the door before it was yanked open.

And there Dina stood with a toothy grin that made her look like a little girl. She was wearing colourful boxers and a tight-fitting yellow vest. I'll admit I was drooling until I saw her hair. I couldn't stop meself from laughing and the boys were snickering.

"What?" Dina's grin fell and she looked lost. She glanced down at her body before looking back at us, "What is it?"

"I'm sorry but it's your hair." Liam whispered trying not to laugh in her face like I'm doing. Dina frowned before running back upstairs into the flat and around the corner. We filed up the stairs while we continued to laugh.

The flat looked pretty much the same from when Lou and Harry had it. There a lot more books on the shelves of the entertainment centre and I could even see quite a few records at the bottom. I glanced in the bedroom to a bright blue bear rug on the floor. Who the hell bu-

"Oi, keep your peepers out of there unless you're invited inside," Dina startled me as slid the door to the toilet closed. Her hair looked a bit tamed and her toothy grin was back. I felt my face heat up at the fact that she had caught me. I heard and turned to my right to see the lad scattered around the living room looking at me and Dina with amused expression.

"I'll uhh go over there." I stated pointing. Zayn was looking at her books, Lou and Harry were playing table football, and Liam was looking through her records. Dina nodded before speaking.

"Alrighty, I'm gonna change so make sure you lads don't break anything." She said the last part louder so the boys could hear her.

"I'm offended you think we would break something," Right after Harry finished talking, he hit the ball with extreme force causing it fly off the table, bounce off a panel on the entertainment centre, and to fly towards us. I ducked down expecting Dina to do the same and she did but she stuck her hand out and caught the ball as well. Harry's frown quickly turned into a cheeky grin when he released that we were okay.

"Right. So Harry I'm gonna need you to step away from the table and take a seat on the couch, okay?" She cooed at Harry like he was a child and he gave her the puppy eyes but stalked over to one of the couches nonetheless. He plopped down on the chocolate coloured piece of furniture with a huff and a cross of his arms.

Dina laughed her musical laugh before tucking the little ball in my pocket and walking into her room. I turned to the lads that they had gone back to what they were doing with the exception of Harry who was now hugging Lou with a sad face, "I didn't mean to almost kill her."

"We know you didn't Hazza." I snorted at Lou's response before turning the corner into the kitchen area. The first thing I did was open the door to the fridge and nearly cried at the sight. There was no food. Not a single spot of food save for a lone bottle of Irish creamer.

"Jesus how does she live? She has no food. She's not human!" I screamed as I crumpled in front of the empty fridge.

"Oi! Ever ate me out of a house and home last night. And now I have to go shopping sometime today because of that bottomless pit." Dina laughed as she walked out of her room and into the bathroom. Her outfit consisted of a bright blue sweatshirt with the word 'PINK' printed in sparkly stuff on the front with white jeans and a pair of all grey Supras.

"Where is he anyway? Is he staying here with you?" Louis asked from the couch as he petted Harry's head. We were all met with a moment of silence before there was a crash. Me and lads glanced around at each before directing our gaze to the bathroom once again.

"I am done with you peasant! Now good day." At that moment Dina stomped out of the bathroom and into her room. What the hell is going on? When she emerged from her room she was wearing a grey beanie and a grey bag in her hands. "Alright lads, what are we doing for the day?"

"We don't know that's why we're here. You know to figure out how to make up for our behaviour this past month." Zayn stated slowly. I sat on the kitchen counter next to the stove and swung me legs a bit.

"Right. Right," she walked over to the small, wooden table in the living room and hopped onto of it with a little huff. She crossed her ankles and then started to swing her feet. She looked up to the ceiling with her face scrunched up in thought much like it had been the first day we saw her and I still find it quite adorable, "Well I've already been sightseeing. I know about most of the clubs and pubs. I took a boat ride on the Thames. I've been to most of the shops. I've been on the time traveling bus and the medieval banquet thing. I've visited the National Gallery and Tate Modern. And I've paid a visit to the British museum and, of course, the natural history museum twice. And I think that's about it."

"Jesus Christ! There's really nothing for us to do for you!" I shouted with me hands thrown up in the air. On the outside, I seemed a bit frustrated but on the inside I was observing. Her little Irish accent is gone again. Is it because Ever's not here now?

"Sorry lads but I've been here for a month already. Were you expecting me to have been sitting around my flat the whole time you guys were trying to avoid me?" Dina asked with a raised brow.

"No. But we weren't expecting you to experience nearly everything London has to offer already." Harry sighed.

"How about we just sit around and chat? You know, like get to know each other first." Zayn stated, his eyes shifting from one person to the next, "I have some questions I want to ask you and I know the rest of the lads do. And I bet you have some questions for us."

"That sounds pretty good. I like that idea, Zayn" he just smiled at her. She glanced down at the grey watch on her left wrist and scrunched up her face once more, "Uhh ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Right. So Ever should be on his way from his noon pints by now. And speaking of noon pints."

Dina hopped off the table and walked over to the fridge; she opened the freezer and pulled out a familiar bottle of beer. "Is that a Guinness Draught?"

"Yeah. It's the best of Irish beer in my opinion," she grinned at me, "Do you want one?"

"Of course." I snorted. During the tour whenever I could get me hands on a pint it was always that horrible, watery American beer. She pulled another out of the fridge and handed it to me.

"Do you lads want one?" she asked the rest of the lads and was met with a chorus of polite no's, "Well I've got some Yorkshi-"

"Yes! I want some. I love you!" Lou shouted making Dina giggle.

"Alrighty so Lou wants some tea. What about the rest of you lads?" this time is was met with a chorus of yes', "Alrighty. So while I'm fixing this tea up, ask me some questions."

With that, Dina turned back to the kitchen. "Well first off, where are you from? I think we all noticed a few different accents when you talk and you use both English and American terms."

"Well I was born in the States, New Jersey to be exact." She opened a cabinet closest to the wall and slowly removed a tea set that was a bit colourful, "During my senior year in high school I lived in Ireland for a international geoscience program at the University of Dublin. I went back to the States right after that and from then on I've spent my summers in different countries. But I've always made my way back to Dublin before the holiday was over."

Dina had her back to us, filling a small pot with sugar, so she didn't see me and lads looking at each other in shock. That's what Aingeal did! Aingeal graduated from a international geology program before leaving for the States! "Do you have a fou-"

"Honey I'm home!" a thick Irish voice screamed from the stairs as the door slammed shut, effectively interrupting me. Soon red hair popped up over the little wall hiding the stairs before the rest of Ever's body appeared as he climbed the stairs.

"'Lo. I'm fixing the lads some tea. Alright boyo?" now not only did she take on an Irish accent again but she was now using Irish slang.

"As full as the last bus home. The black stuff was watery. I tell ya if it ain't Irish, it’s scrap." Ever replied saying that he wasn't drunk, the pub he went had watery Guinness beer and that if something isn't Irish, it's not good. Dina nodded going to the fridge and pulling out the bottle of creamer.

"I've got some Draught if ya still got a throat on ya." Dina said nonchalantly while filling up the teapot with hot water. "I've only got Irish creamer lads. Sorry."

Before Harry, Lou, Zayn, or Liam could say anything, Ever exploded, "Ya had some Draught and ya didn't dare tell me! Ya brasser!"

I felt me eyes get wide before I started dying with laughter. I knew the boys didn't know what that last bit meant but I couldn't tell them because laughing so hard. Dina turned around to face Ever with a glare but you could see a tiny smile playing at her lips.

"Oi! How bout you get the Draught and shut yer gob." she shouted back. Ever didn't reply but instead stared down at her and she just stared back. Meanwhile, I was laughing so hard I wasn't making any noise; I probably looked like a dying tomato-faced seal.

"Love ya babby." Ever stated with a grin before kissing her cheek and getting a beer. After that kiss, I quickly sobered up but kept a small smile on me face so it seemed like nothing was wrong. Once Ever had his beer, he leaned against the fridge and opened it. "So what's the craic?"

"The craic's ninety. I'm just fixing the lads some tea while they ask me some questions. And Niall," she turned to me after placing a spoon next to each tea cup with a beautiful smile on her face. "You were asking me something before Ever came in."

"Forget Niall. What just happened? I didn't understand what was going on!" Lou shouted as his eyes shifted from me to Dina to Ever and back again just like the rest of the boys were doing.

"Oh that was just some friendly banter," Dina finished opening the packets and placed one tea bag in each cup before throwing the packets in a bin under the sink.

By now Dina had walked over to the lads with the tea set and placed it on the coffee table; she returned to the kitchen area to get her Guinness and took a long gulp before taking her previous seat on the table.

"Well... That was uh something." Liam hesitated, thinking about his words carefully.

"I swear like a sailor, I know. It's all Ever's fault. He corrupted me with Irish slang." Dina laughed throwing a playfully pointed look in Ever's direction. He just shrugged while taking another sip of his beer.

"So tell us about your time in Dublin, Dina. When you were there for your senior year of high school." Louis said while fixing his cup to his liking. The rest of the boys were doing the same, waiting for the story. We were all thinking the same thing and that's why Lou asked her about her time in Dublin. She could be Aingeal.


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!