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Love In Lights


It's been almost two years since Annabelle broke Louis heart and the clebrity life turned her whole world upside down.

After taking a break and getting her life back together all Annabelle has to do is ignore the paparazzi, hope her fans forgive her, pray that the latest album works out and try to find some way to get Louis to talk to her again...

Love was never going to be easy while you were in the Lights of Tinseltown.



please please update this soon.

AHHH! Felicity is making me crazy, but Aaron and Lucinda do have a point she needs to stand her ground! Also Charlotte was so cute getting nervous like that!

Anyway thanks for another great chapter! I hope you are still doing well and enjoying a nice Australian summer! :)

Hey that's okay! It's been taking me ages to update lately so we are pretty even! hehe. I'm sad about it ending too but it will be in only a few more chapters and I'm excited for you guys to see the resolution.
Aww I hope you are having an amazing time in London. I certainly loved it but I did miss home a little bit. Especially beaches and constant sun, I really missed the beaches tho (I spend half my life there) haha.

Sorry it took so long to comment. I literally just re-read the whole thing and I still love it as much as I did the first time, if not more! I'm sad to think about it ending, but I knew it was soon! Hopefully Belle will finally be able to confess her love to Louis by the end! Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed Europe! I just moved to London and am in love with it that I don't know how you could of left! Also I'm so glad you're actually trying to tie up all the loose ends, because I hate when stories just end.
P.S. Sorry my comments were so random it's 6AM in London and I've been sick -- so like no sleep these past two days.

Annabelle's story is one of the first that drew me repeatedly to this site. You paint her struggles as authentic and the comfort as conceivable. Your Louis is quite the tragic hero and I love reading him. Cheers and happy writing :)