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7 Minutes in heaven with One Direction

Zayn Malik

Perrie and Summer were getting ready to go to their best friend Louis's party. When they got done they got in Summer's porshe and drove off and knocked on the door. Louis answered. "Hello Love" Louis said. "Hi" Summer said giving Louis a hug. "So you ready to see Zayn?" Louis asked Perrie wiggling his eyebrows. "Shut up Louis" Perrie said assertively. When the girls walked in all of the boys hugged Summer and Perrie except Zayn. Summer sat on the couch putting her legs over Louis and Perrie sat next to Liam because she was to shy to sit next to Zayn. Summer and Perrie already knew they were playing 7 minutes of heaven. Ok were going to draw names. Perrie were first. She picked Zayn. Perrie and Zayn walked into the closet. The door closed there was just plain silent. Before Perrie knew it Zayn was kissing her. "Im sorry I kinda liked it" Perrie said smiling. "Really?" Zayn asked. "Yes" Perrie said smiling. "So will you be my girlfriend? "Of course Zayn ill be your girlfriend" Perrie said. Perrie and Zayn continued talking and when Liam opened the door you two walked out holding hands. "So are you an item now?" Louis asked. "Yes" both of them said smiling.


Aww, i think this one is cute! :)