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7 Minutes in heaven with One Direction

Louis Tomlinson

Please don't make me go, Summer told her friend Nicole. ''Please Louis will be there'' Nicole cried. ''Really'' Summer said with excitement. Yes really so go get in the car and we'll go. Summer got in the passenger seat while Nicole drove. When Summer finally got there she jumped out of the car and ran to the door. Nicole had a huge crush on Niall so she was ready to see him. "Hello" Liam said as he answered the door. "Hi" Summer said with a smile. Liam knew Summer liked Louis but Summer knew you could trust him without telling Louis. "You ready to see Louis?" Liam asked with a smile. "Shut up he might hear you" Summer told Liam. When Liam finally let them come in Summer and Nicole gave all the boys a hug. "Hello love" Louis said when Summer gave him a hug. "Hi Louis" She said with a huge smile. "So what are we going to do?" Nicole asked while sitting next to Niall. "7 MINUTES OF HEAVEN" Harry screamed. "Ok everybody write your name on a piece of paper" Liam told everyone. When everyone put their slips in the hat they started playing the game. Nicole got Niall which of course she was so happy. Then it was Summer's turn. She put her hand into the hat and pulled out a slip of paper. Summer opened it up and read "Louis". Louis got up and both of them went into the closet. "So" Louis said. "What should we do?" Summer asked. "Well Summer can I confess something?" Louis asked her nervously. "Sure" She said. "I really like you and I have since Liam introduced you to all of us and I know you probably don't like me, but I just had to" Louis told her. Summer stood there in shock. "Louis I like you too" She told him smiling. "Really?" Louis asked her. "Yes Louis I really like you". "Well theres something I've been wanting to do the day I seen you". Before you they knew it summer and him were kissing. Then the door opened. "7 minutes is uhh", Zayn said opening the door. Both stopped right when you heard Zayn say that. Summer started blushing like crazy. "So does this mean you two are dating now?" Zayn asked. Yeah, well I hope?" Louis asked. "Yes Zayn this does mean we are dating now'' Summer told him. Summer and Louis started smiling. When Summer went home thats all she could think about.


Aww, i think this one is cute! :)