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An Eternal Love Bound by Blood

Be Mine Forever.

Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and I all sat gathered around the flat screen our tour bus had to offer. I couldn’t help but to laugh when Niall got pissed cause of Louis beating him. I take a sip of my mixed drink as I smile at everyone. My friends knew what I was and my history. For others they had no idea of who I truly was. They all thought I was Harry Styles, member of One Direction. But they were all very wrong. I take a deep breath as I look over to see Liam staring a hole right through me, “Mate.” He shouts.

He pulls me from my rough thoughts as I blink a few times. I look over to Liam as I take a deep breath and lick my lips, “Yes.” I huskily say.

“You alright mate? You seem out of it today.” Louis says holding the XBOX controller in his hand.
“Just thinking is all.” I reply getting up from the floor.

I walk over to the sink rinsing the cup out and putting it in the dishwasher. I clinch to the counter top as I keep feeling the impulsive feeling shoot through. I look up from the sink as I spot a gorgeous blonde standing near a tree on the campus. I take a deep breath as I keep my eyes locked on her. She continues reading her book as I watch another blonde walk up to her. The two begin talking as soon things heat up. “Harry!” Liam shouts.

I turn and see him motioning me. I push myself away as I follow the guys off the bus. I inhale the fresh California air as I stretch a little. The five of us begin walking in our own directions as I walk towards the girl and the other blonde lady. I stop as the lady walks away and the girl looks up right at me, “Harry Styles, right?” She asks me.

I simply nod fascinated that she knew my name. Stupid, of course she does. You’re famous now Harry! I sigh heavily as she pushes herself up and dusts her skirt off, “Well Harry, I am Sydney. I work with the entertainment comity here. Do you guys want to rehearse or tour the campus?” She asks me.
“Oh the mate’s took off. But personally, I’d love a tour.” I smile at her.

She nods her head as we begin walking. “So what made you guys choose this campus?” She asks me as we walk on a path way.

“Gut feeling.” I tell her.

“Do you really want to shave your head? I read this 101 facts about you. And it said you wanted to shave your head. That’d be awful because I love your curls. But it’s your choice and life.” She smiles over at me.

Even for a dead person, my heart felt like it was beating again. This girl had something over me. I couldn’t tell what it was yet. But her aroma was like cologne to me. She had that aroma that I adored. That I urged for. I chuckle after a minute, “I do actually. But it seems to be my signature thing.” I tell her honestly.

“Well whatever you decide, this fan girl will be happy with whatever you choose.” She smiles.

I smile nodding my head, “Thank you. No one has ever told me that.” I tell her.

“They should.” She smiles.

I nod my head, “I agree.” I smile.

She giggles as she grabs my arm pulling me. “Come on I think you’ll enjoy this part of campus.” She smiles dragging me behind her.

I smile brightly as I take in the scenery. This was the girl I had longed for, for nearly two hundred years. Right in front of me now. I had to make sure she didn’t slip through my fingertips. She was the one, and I was going to make sure she would be mine, forever.


First ever Harry story. Please enjoy!!!


PLEASE UPDATE! I'm begging you! :)
Mrs1d_girl Mrs1d_girl
@Harry Styles
Thank you!
Liam Payne. Liam Payne.
Loooved it!!! 
Harry Styles Harry Styles
@Liam Payne.
You're welcome sweets
Harry Styles Harry Styles
@Harry Styles
Thank you!
Liam Payne. Liam Payne.