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The Resistance { Teaser [Coming Soon] }


Hi loves. I'm sorry that this is not an update, and I'm really sorry that I have to post anything like this at all, but it seems that I have to.

I enjoy writing ITP and I am overjoyed that you all like it too, however my story was copied and posted by another person on wattpad. I've addressed her about it and she took it down, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing that someone would take my work as their own.

The only work that I've approved of mine to be copied is a translation done by one of my friends and she's doing a beautiful job with it. If you do see anyone else with my story posted on any other site and it's not XOXOHES on wattpad (that's me) then it is plagiarism. None of my work should be copied without my permission whether it be ITP, The Resistance, or the story that I have posted on wattpad called Uni Daze and please let me know if you've seen it elsewhere?

I love you all and always will, just a little disappointed~Xx



@Ciao Niccie
lol aww thank you so much! I have more chapters of this written already, but I'm also writing another story and debating what I should do for this one. I think I bit off more than I can chew lol. Do you have a wattpad love?


I will cry if you don't update soon... You wouldn't want that on your conscience now would you? Love you a whole bunch!

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Am I the only one that found it extremely sexy when Harry was speaking Latin? Picture real Harry speaking Latin (or any other language for that matter) fluently. I literally died great update! Can't wait for the next oh and Melina knows the score is more like Harry:20 her:2

LiLoHaNiZa LiLoHaNiZa

Aw! boo thank you that just really made my day, and I plan on reading all your books until you don't want to make no more. You have some of the best books on this page:) Not only do i love your books but i got a friend out of it, your fun to talk to and very smart babe and it means the world to me for her to have my name. I love Fanfic's so much i always wanted one to be about me or just my name and i'm so happy that, that finally happened. Now I just got to bug someone to make a Fanfiction about me;) Xx

Chey Chey

Im seriously so Happy that you're here to start another story with me! Its only right that Milena has your name. Thank you so much for sticking with me it honestly means the world to me that you enjoy my stories! Love you babe and I promise not to disappoint! ~Xx :*