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Lots of One Direction short stories

Tweeting Harry Styles- part 3

After that night/morning talking to harry our conversations became quite dirty on occasions. We still talked a lot about normal things as well. We had even sent each other naked pictures, harry of course was quick to suggest this and send me one of him, I was a bit weary but I trusted him, after all he trusted me enough to send me a naked picture, especially since if I wanted to I could have put it all over the internet.

I had a week off from uni so decided to go shopping in London. It was a really hot day so I wore some really short shorts and a tank top; I also tied my hair up into a messy bun. Whilst walking around the shops in London I stated to hear excitable screams, I stupidly approached the noise as I was curious as to what was going on. I asked one of the girls that was practically hyperventilating at the back of the crowd what was going on, “One Direction are in that fucking shop, oh my fucking god!!!! This is so amazing!!” she practically screamed at me. Oh great, I actually really wanted to go into that shop, it suddenly dawned on my… why was One Direction in a lingerie shop? This actually made me giggle to myself. Suddenly the crowd ran off screaming in the opposite direction. I guess the boys left. Well at least I can continue shopping.

I walked into my favourite lingerie shop and headed straight for the bras and matching panties, some people liked shoes…I had a weakness for sexy lingerie. I piled several items into my basket and headed for the changing rooms. There was nobody around so I just headed for the largest cubical at the end that had the door half closed. I walked in and locked the door, just as I was about to take off my top I turned and saw five guys, five familiar guys, staring at me. I let out a little scream in surprise as they scared the shit out of me. Suddenly a large warm hand covered my mouth “please don’t scream, we were just trying to hide” harry said. I mumbled and he let go of my mouth. “You scared the crap out of me, of course I screamed!” harry looked at me closely “Hannah?” Oh so now he recognises me. “Yes, I thought you had left the shop” harry suddenly hugged me, which felt a little awkward as I was still holding my selection of underwear. “One of the shop assistants told the fans that we had left, once the crowd dies down outside we can leave” Niall interrupts. “So how do you know Harry?” Louis asked. “umm, we got chatting on twitter, then we exchanged numbers, he won’t leave me alone now” I laughed. “Hey I think it’s the other way around!” harry joked. Harry eyed the contents in my basket and smirked “if you were going to try them on don’t let us stop you” I put my basket on the floor and hit Harry’s arm. “Well I was but I’m not now!” Niall clearly noticed the flirty interaction between me and Harry. “Hang on, are you the Hannah that sent those messages to Harry a few days ago, about you fuc….” I quickly interrupted Niall, “Yes! um yes I was, harry promised not to show anyone” I didn’t really want to go into details nor did I want Niall to go into details, it was bad enough that Niall had seen those messages let alone the rest of the guys hearing about them. “Well like I said before… Niall saw so I had to explain” Harry tried to defend himself even though he knew I was ok with it when it happened.

“Wait, I feel like we’re missing out on something, care to explain?” Liam asked looking confused. Niall quickly filled them in before either me or Harry could interrupt. “They were sexting, or more like Hannah was sexting with great detail, whilst Harry was wanking” Niall laughed “by the way Hannah that message was really hot!” I glared at Niall and flushed with embarrassment. Zayn hi fived Harry, Louis whispered something into Harry’s ear which made him laugh and eye me from head to toe, slowly. Liam just apologised “I wouldn’t have asked if I knew”, “it’s ok Liam, Harry had already told me that Niall saw the message, I was ok with it, it’s just a bit embarrassing”. “Well, she’s a keeper Harry! Anyway I think the coast might be clear come on lad let’s leave Hannah and Harry alone to…um…talk” Louis laughed as he dragged the others out of the dressing room. As they left Niall spoke up “see you again soon Hannah, Harry give her my number, you can text me too!” I laughed at what Niall had said, for some reason I only wanted to send those type messages to Harry.

“Finally alone, and in person” harry whispered into my ear as he pushed me up against the wall. “I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since I first started talking to you.” Harry suddenly kissed me hard and fast, his tongue licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance, I wasn’t going to give up that easily. Harry smiled against my mouth as he lifted up the hem of my top and massaged me through my bra. I let out a little moan, as soon as I opened my mouth Harry plunged his tongue into me. He expertly kissed me, I felt my knees weaken and my breathing begin to get heavier and faster. Within minutes Harry had stripped me down to my underwear and was now roaming his hands all over my body. “Hmmm so sexy” he moaned as he reached behind me to undo my bra, he flung it onto the floor and just as quickly latched his mouth onto my nipple, he sucked and nibbled my nipple whilst his other hand cupped my sex. I moaned with the pleasure he was giving me. “Babe you need to stay quiet, but when I get you back to mine trust me I will make you scream my name” he whispered into my ear, unfortunately this made me moan more. “Harry… I need….” I was cut off by Harry’s hand slowly dipping underneath my panties and lightly stroking my clit. “Hmm Hannah… what do you need, tell me!” Harry demanded. “You… oh my god, I need you inside me now!” I moaned as Harry increased the pressure he was currently applying onto my clit.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom, he threw his cloths onto the floor and stood before me completely naked, his erection was standing proudly. Harry with one swift motion pulled my panties down and plunged a finger into me. “Mmm so wet!” harry added two more fingers and started to pump them in and out of my core, he kissed me forcefully to stop me from screaming out, I kept forgetting that we were in a dressing room in the middle of a busy shop. Harry pulled out of me as my knees started to buck. “I think you’re ready babe, is this what you want?” Harry questions as he looks sincerely into my eyes. “fuck… yes, Harry please I need you!” I purred into his ear. Harry smiled widely at me “good”.
Harry lined his member up with my entrance and slowly pushed himself in, I moaned into his mouth. He stayed there without moving for a moment to let me adjust to his size. I rolled my hips to signal that I was ready. He started off slowly pumping into me, my head flung back in pleasure as he lifted my leg and hooked it around his waist. He now thrust deeper and slightly faster into me, I could feel my legs weaken as he hit my g-spot with each deep thrust. He started to suck on my neck, which for some reason felt far too sensitive. I moaned as I felt my orgasm approach. “Harry…I..d…don’t think I can last much…” he started to thrust much faster into me which cut me off mid-sentence, I was shaking and panting. “I’m close” he pants. “You need to stay quiet though Hannah…. Bite my shoulder or something to stop you from screaming.” Harry said seriously as he trust hard and fast into me. fuck I could feel my walls tighten around him, I felt really weak, it was a good job Harry was holding me up otherwise I’d probably be on the floor in a heap. “Harry” I warned as I felt my orgasm was millimetres away, Harry increased his speed, which I didn’t think was possible. “Cum, cum for me now” Harry panted into my ear. I bit down onto Harry’s shoulder to stop a scream escaping my lips as I came hard, Harry sucked on my neck forcefully to obviously hide his muffled screams, the slight pain/pleasure mixture made me cum harder. Harry was so fucking good. Harry shuddered against me as he emptied his load into me. After a couple minutes once we had gained more awareness he pulled out of me and helped me clean up. He kissed my passionately on the lips “I told you I’d make you cum next time.” Harry laughed. “Hmm” was all I managed to say. Harry helped me get dressed and we slowly exited the changing rooms, Harry paid for my underwear that I was going to buy and led me to his car. The guys were already sitting in the back waiting for us. “That took you guys a long time” Louis giggled. Me and Harry just laughed. “Hannah love you have your top on backwards” Liam smirked. I flushed and quickly spun it around, not really thinking that in the process I had just flashed all the guys in the car my bra. “I’m guessing were not hanging out with you tonight Harry” Zayn laughed as Harry pulled away and started to drive back to his flat. “Sorry boy, I need to show Hannah something” Harry smirked. “Hmmm I’m sure you do” Niall said as they exited the car and headed towards their flat. “What you going to show me Harry?” I asked. Harry just chuckled and put his arm around my waist. “How loudly you can scream my name when I fuck you!” I swallowed nervously “we will be alone this time so I want to hear everything that comes out of that pretty little mouth of yours.” With this he pulled my up towards his flat and locked the door.




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