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Lots of One Direction short stories

Tweeting Harry Styles- part 2

I suddenly got a text

Hi Hannah, just checking you gave me the right number. Speak to you soon xxx love Harry
I texted him back

To: harry
Yes this is the right number lol. Have fun with the guys… and get out of bed!!
My phone buzzed, I turned over in bed and looked at the clock. It was 4:30 in the morning. Ugh who the hell was texting me at this time of the day? I opened my text.

Harry: hey Hannah can you chat I’m lonely?

I had only been chatting to harry for a few days but he was really easy to talk to, he always flirted with me, I can’t say I don’t enjoy it though.

Hannah: you do realise its 4:30 am?

Harry: ye sorry did I wake you? Everyone else is asleep :(

Hannah: ye you did wake me, but its ok we can chat :)

Harry: sorry babe :(

Harry Styles just called me babe!!! Did it just get a bit warmer in here?

Hannah: no worries :) so what’s wrong?

Harry: I can’t sleep

Ye well me neither now so thanks harry.

Hannah: how come? You feeling ok? Wow I’m being motherly lol

Harry: awww I like it when you do that though, I’d let you look after me ;)

Hannah: haha I’m sure you’d love that, your own private maid

Harry: I really would love that…..you could even wear a maid’s outfit ;)

Harry: ok well thanks Hannah I’m now picturing you in a cute little maid’s outfit……..

Hannah: not my fault you have a dirty mind :P

Harry: that’s actually why I can’t sleep…..

Hannah: huh?

Harry: do I have to spell it out lol

Hannah: ye you do, it’s early and I’m tired

Harry: ugh! I have been feeling really horny all day and now I can’t sleep!

Hannah: oh ummm ok?

Hannah: so why didn’t you do something about it?

Harry: I have been in interviews all day

Hannah: haha well it would make the headlines hehe

Harry: haha ye it would

Hannah: surely you haven’t been in interviews until 4:30 am though?

Harry: no but the guys have been with me, only now alone

Hannah: and you decided to talk to me? lol

Harry: well ye I guess

Harry: I feel really agitated though :( if you know what I mean

Hannah: of course I know what you mean lol I’m not that stupid. Well just sort yourself out then I can talk to you later x

Harry: no don’t go! You could help me out then we could both go to sleep faster ;)

Hannah: as much as I would love to I’m in bed….not with you!

Harry: you’d love to? Really?

Hannah: well ye I am a 20 year old girl lol I have needs too

Harry: hmm what kind of needs?

Hannah: is this really going to help?

Harry: it already is

Harry: tell me about it…..the last time you pleasured yourself

Hannah: fine but only cause I’m tired and want to go back to bed! I swear if anyone see’s this conversation I’ll hunt you down!!!

Harry: my eyes only I promise….but I’d let you find me ;)

Hannah: ugh fine…..umm where do I start lol

Harry: yay! When was the last time you pleasured yourself?

Hannah: straight to it ok lol…. Yesterday

Harry: mmm what did you do?

Hannah: I was having a stressful day…. When I got home I stripped down to my underwear, I found my favourite vibrator

Harry: what type of vibrator?

Hannah: umm it’s a purple rampant rabbit :)

Harry: yes! keep going!

Hannah: I laid on my bed with my vibrator, I turned it on, I placed it to my panties, the gentle vibrations were starting to make me wet, I stripped off my underwear so I was lying on my bed naked….

Hannah: I gently rubbed my clit, working myself up really good. I pressed the vibrator against my clit and turned the speed up. I was shaking on the bed with pleasure and need. …

Harry: fuck

I smiled to myself as I knew what harry was doing. It was actually really hot!
Hannah: I plunged the vibrator into myself, it was quite large so I paused so I could adjust to its size. Once I had adjusted I started moving it in and out of me at a fast pace, with every thrust it hit my g-spot, it felt so fucking good!!

Hannah: after a few minutes I was withering on the bed and moaning from my orgasm……

Harry: wow that was fucking hot!!!!

Hannah: did it help lol?

Harry: fuck yes, I think I woke Niall up though lol

Hannah: aww poor Niall I’m sure he didn’t want to wake up to see that ;)

Harry: well I may have shown him the messages :( I needed some excuse…. You can hunt me down now!

Hannah: haha grrr you promised. You better watch out for me, I’ll get you when you least expect it!

Harry: I look forward to it ;)

Hannah: haha it’s fine honestly

Harry: did you really do that yesterday?

Hannah: yes I wouldn’t lie to you

Harry: babe thanks for helping with my problem ;) you can go back to sleep if you want now x

Harry: longs you dream about me ;)

Hannah: aww thanks for your permission haha. And I’m sure I will

Harry: it’s ok! And good.

Harry: night babe next time I’ll make you cum ;)

Hannah: haha ok I look forward to it, night harry, now you can finally sleep!

Harry: night babe!




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