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Lots of One Direction short stories

Birthday Gift

I had been dating Harry for a little while now, he and the guys were taking me out for my birthday tonight and I couldn’t wait, I hadn’t hung with all the guys for a while now as I had been super busy with university.

My phone beeped signalling that I had got a text.

Harry: hey babe, we’ll see you tonight. I got you a gift, it’s under your bed. I know you said nothing fancy but I had to get you something, I want you to wear it tonight xxxx H

I went to my bedroom and sure enough under my bed was a beautifully wrapped velvet box, I opened the box carefully, the box was filled with deep red tissue paper, once I got passed the paper I found a pair of sexy red lace underwear, I laughed to myself, trust Harry to buy me underwear.

I text Harry back quickly.

Jessie: aww thanks babe, they are really pretty x I suppose I can wear them tonight, you may even get to see what they look like on ;) xxx J

I took the rest of the afternoon to shower and get ready for the meal out. I pulled on the underwear that Harry had brought me and slipped on my long tight fitting black dress that I had brought a few months ago, I finally had an occasion to wear it. I pulled my hair into a lose fish tail Platt and applied some light makeup and perfume, I looked pretty damn hot.
I met the guys at the restaurant we had booked a reservation for, “happy birthday Jessie!” they all shouted as I entered, great way to draw attention to us! We were all seated down at a large table that comfortable sat all six of us. I sat between Harry and Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis sat opposite us. “Are you wearing your gift?” Harry whispered into my ear as he ran his hand gently over my leg, “yes I am” I said seductively. “I must say Jessie you look beautiful tonight….don’t you think Harry?” Liam said warmly, “Jessie always looks beautiful” Harry said as he pulled me into a kiss. “Awww!” the guys all joked, “stop teasing Harry and lets order” I laughed. “The birthday girl has spoken” Niall laughed. We all ordered and started to chat while we were waiting for our food, I was in the middle of a conversation with Liam and Zayn when suddenly I felt gently vibrations radiating from between my legs, I let out a shocked breath, I quickly recovered by coughing and taking a sip of my wine, “you ok Jessie?” Zayn asked me, “uh…ye” I said as I shifted in my chair as the vibrations continued. I tuned to Harry, he smirked at me, “what was that?” I whispered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about babe” he said innocently, hmmm Harry wasn’t really the innocent type. “If this is you playing some sort of game it is not funny” I said seriously, “I still don’t know what you’re talking about love” he said as he continued his conversation with Liam, Louis and Niall. The vibrations stopped, I relaxed slightly, maybe it was just my imagination.

The waiter brought out our food, he placed my steak and mushroom stir-fry down in front of me “thank y….oooouuuu” I moaned as the vibrations started again this time much stronger. “Oh my god…..” I moaned as the vibrations shot straight to my core, shit everyone was staring at me, crap I need to try and say something so I don’t look like a complete crazy woman, “…..wow this looks really….good…..ye so good!” I panted slightly, that backfired, I officially look like an idiot. “You ok babe?” Harry smirked. This little prank had his name written clearly on it in big flashing letters. “Uh ye course I’m ok, I’m just excited to be out with you guys” I managed to say swallowing my sudden pleasure. “You sure you look a little flustered?” Harry continued to ask, “I’m fine, honestly. Let’s eat before it gets cold” I said, everyone nodded and tucked into their food whilst continuing their conversations between mouthfuls, the vibrations suddenly stopped as quickly as they had started. I turned to Harry as he took a mouthful of his smoked salmon, “I know what you’re up to…please stop Harry, we can do this later” I pleaded, I couldn’t do this now, not here in a crowded restaurant. “Babe I don’t kno…..” I cut him off “I swear if you say you don’t know what I’m talking about one more time I’ll never have sex with you again” I whispered into his ear, he laughed “babe you would never stick by that rule, you know you want me” he said as he placed his hand on my thigh, “ok ye fine, but the blow job I gave you last night will be the last, so I hope you enjoyed it” I said smirking this time, I knew he enjoyed it, I was pretty talented with my mouth, or so Harry said. “Ok fine, maybe I do know what you’re talking about, but the game has only just begun” he said.

I was able to eat my food with only the tiny interruptions from Harry’s vibrating underwear; I’m guessing Harry was just preoccupied with eating his food. Not being able to feel the vibrations though made me actually crave them, Harry had managed to turn me on in such a way that I actually wanted him to tease me. After we had finished eating I stupidly thought Harry had stopped playing his game, I visibly relaxed and laughed with Liam as he told a hilarious story about what a fan had done whilst they were on tour, mid laugh Harry turned on the vibrations to a high setting, I was taken by surprise, I tried to stifle a moan but it was no use, Harry turned up the vibrations even more, I grabbed the edge of my chair and Harry’s knee tightly, I gritted by teeth and turned to Harry “Harry please stop”. He just put his hand on my thigh in a comforting manner, “we haven’t had dessert yet babe” he winked, the vibrations continued as I tried to order my dessert, “you sure you’re ok Jessie? You’re acting really weird” Niall said frowning, “I think Jessie’s just having a good time….isn’t that right babe?” Harry said smugly, “ye that’s right…..fucking amazing” I sighed as I could feel my legs begin to weaken, good job I was sitting down otherwise I would have been on the floor a long time ago. They guys just laughed at my comment. “Harry please, if you turn it off I’ll do anything, I’m begging you!” I sighed as another wave of pleasure hit me, I grabbed his leg tightly to reinforce my need, “as hot as it is having you beg, I’m enjoying watching you try and pretend that you’re not completely falling apart” he smirked, “seriously Harry if you continue this much longer I’m going to cum right here in the middle of a busy restaurant in front of our friends, and complete strangers…..do you really want that on the front page of the newspapers tomorrow?” I said desperately. He studied my face carefully “fine make it through dessert then we’re going home” he finally gave in.

I have never found it so difficult to eat chocolate cake before. “Ok guys me and Jessie are off, we need to celebrate her birthday in a way that doesn’t involve lots of spectators” he laughed, “ok we get it, happy birthday Jessie, we’ll see you tomorrow!” Liam said as the guys all hugged me good bye. I jumped into Harry’s car, as he pulled away from the restaurant he increased the vibrations, “fuck, Harry!!!” I screamed as my body trembled, “something wrong babe?” he laughed. “I fucking hate you right now” I moaned as I arched by back up off the car seat, I felt restrained by the seat belt. “No babe you love me” he corrected me smugly, I do love him but when he does things like this I have my doubts. “Hmm if you say so Har……..oh fuck, oh god yes, don’t stop….oh my god I’m going to cum” I screamed. Harry reached over the gear stick and grabbed my hand, he held my hand and rubbed small circles onto my wrist as I reached my orgasm that had been building all night, it was the longest orgasm I had ever had. “You’re so beautiful when you cum” Harry said seriously as he pulled into his driveway. “I’m still mad at you Mr….Oh god the people in the restaurant must think I’m a crazy woman, and the guys must have suspected something” I groaned as Harry pulled me into his flat, “your my crazy woman” he laughed as he plunged his lips onto mine and led me to his bedroom………..

…………..I lay in bed with Harry, we were both covered in a sheen of sweat and were completely shattered. “Wow, that was an amazing birthday” I laughed, “you need to wear those panties when you use Niall’s concert tickets….I will be able to make you lose control while I’m on stage” he suggested, “hmmm we’ll see” I laughed. “How am I going to face the guys ever again?” I groaned, suddenly my phone beeped, I reached over Harry to grab it off his bedside table.

Louis: hope you had a good birthday, we miss you already! We’re all looking forward to a proper catch up tomorrow. Oh and Harry left the receipt for your birthday present in Liam’s car… now it explains why you were acting funny. Naughty Harry lol. I need to buy El some of those ;) Don’t worry we won’t mention it ever again…well maybe only a few more times haha xxxx

I text Louis back quickly.

Jessie: you might not see me tomorrow as I am going to find a dark hole to just die in!!!! Naughty Harry indeed, I will have my revenge though! (see you all tomorrow, I’ll act normal I promise haha)

“Great they all know now, learn to put your receipts away Harry!” I moan, I’m not angry at Harry though I suppose I could see the funny side of everything. “I did…Liam’s car!” Harry laughed, “god your such a dick” I giggled, “yep, and that’s why you love me” he said as he pulled me into a kiss, “ye I guess….someone has to put up with you, I guess I’m up to the job” I laugh as we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.




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