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Lots of One Direction short stories

For my eyes only- part 2

Me: wow, um….

Liam: I know I’ve crossed a line now with our friendship can you just forget I said that?

Me: you still haven’t told me why you’re unsettled

Liam: I thought it was obvious?

Liam: I’m so damn horny!

I never thought I would hear Liam say that, well write that.

Me: well do something about it, just go to your bunk or something

I couldn’t believe I was suggesting that Liam should have a wank.

Liam: god it’s not that easy, at the moment I’m living with 4 other guys on a small bus! Even if I could go somewhere private there isn’t exactly much motivation here lol

Me: well now I feel like it’s my fault that you’re horny!

Liam: haha well it kind of is

Me: unfair! :(

Me: don’t feel like you’ve crossed a line in our friendship though cause I have had similar thoughts, who hasn’t!

Me: I could give you motivation if that’s what you want? ;)

There was a few minutes pause before I received another text.

Liam: I’m in my bunk, the others are elsewhere, what kind of motivation were you thinking?
I thought what I could do to motivate Liam….then the thought hit me, he wanted to know what I wear when I’m talking to him whilst in bed…well I’ll show him.

I pulled back the blanket so I was lying in bed uncovered, I was wearing a small pair of black lacy thongs and a light pink bra, I took the camera on my phone and snapped a picture of myself, sexy smile and all.

Me: *picture file*

There was a short pause

Liam: fuck

That’s the only text I got for a few minutes

Me: Liam?

Liam: sorry I had to get a better look, god even better than I imagined! You’re so fucking hot!!!!

Me: aww thanks :) you never know you might see me in the shower at some point as well if you’re lucky ;)

Liam: wel at momen im felin prety damnn luccky

I kind of guessed what Liam was doing as his text message was all mixed up, he was clearly trying his hardest to text with one hand.

Me: brb I need a drink let me know when you have finished ;)

Several minutes later

Liam: sorry

Me: it’s ok, I wouldn’t have sent you the picture if I didn’t want you to get off from it. But you better not show the others, otherwise I will come and kill you!

Liam: for my eyes only! But if you cumming is a promise then I might have to show everyone ;)

Me: oh haha Liam Payne you are just hilarious…not!

Liam: I’m serious though I want you so bad! I want to touch every inch of your body, I want to taste you as I kiss you, I want to have you withering beneath my touch, I want to watch you come apart as I use my mouth, fingers, tongue, dick and your vibrator to pleasure you

What the actual fuck? oh my god I was getting so turned on…wait how did he know I had a vibrator?

Me: how did you know I had a vibrator?

Liam: I can’t believe that’s all you got from that message, I found it when I was last at yours, I was looking for headache tablets

Me: well clearly I want all those things too!! why would I leave headache tablets in my underwear draw? Naught Mr Payne, I will have to teach you a lesson when I see you next ;)

Liam: I’m holding you to that promise, cause your coming to London Saturday to see the show and spend the weekend with me :) you can’t say no!! and plus maybe it’s you who needs to be taught a lesson, you’ve been hiding that smoking hot body for too long! Don’t pack too many clothes because you won’t need them ;)

Me: well I guess I can’t say no and I’ll see you on Saturday then :) and I’m going to pack extra clothes in that case then, in case you forgot your living with 4 other guys at the moment so I think I will be needing clothes after all unless you want Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn to see me naked

Liam: this is true, you can squeeze in my bunk with me though :) I look forward to it, and I definitely do not want them to see you naked. FOR MY EYES ONLY!




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