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Lots of One Direction short stories

Sexting Niall Horan- part 2

I knew what type of picture he wanted, I stripped down naked and took a full body picture of myself, I bit my lip and had a flirty look of my face. I have got to say even though I was naked the picture actually looked quite artistic.

Me: *picture file* :)

A few minutes later Niall text me back.

Niall: wow babe your sooooo fucking hot!!!

Niall: had to go to my bunk as the guys wanted to see what I was doing.

Me: wait they didn’t see the picture did they?

Niall: no of course not, you are for my eyes only!!

Me: ok good! So were where we? Lol

Niall: are you still naked?

Me: yes, why?

Niall: I want to try something……

Me: what?

Niall: do what I tell you to do ok?

Me: um ok

Niall: where are you right now?

Me: I’m lying on my bed

Niall: I can’t see or hear you so you have to do what I say so I can imagine you doing it

Me: ok :)

Niall: lay on your back in the centre of the bed

I did what he said

Niall: run your hands over your body slowly, picture me doing it

Me: mmmm Niall…..

Niall: bend your knees and spread your legs……then draw small circles onto your clit

I was slightly shocked but did what Niall said, I lightly moaned as I touched my clit, I imagined Niall was doing this.

Niall: increase the speed until you’re really wet and withering on the bed

I was wet pretty much from the start of the conversation.

Niall: I want you to finger yourself, use 2 fingers!! Think of me and how when I see you next I’m going to do that to you, I’m going to use my tongue and fingers until you’re screaming my name. But before you come I’m going to stop, just to tease you. When you’re finally shaking with need I’m going to fuck you soo hard you won’t be able to think. We will orgasm together and you will scream my name not caring who will hear!

Me: WOW!!!

I did what Niall told me to do, I increased the speed of my fingers plunging in and out of me as I felt me walls start to contract, whilst shaking with pleasure I fumbled with my phone to ring Niall, I know he was on a tour bus with 4 other guys right now but I didn’t care I wanted him to hear me come, I wanted him to hear what he can do to me.

“Babe?” he sounded slightly out of breath

“immm…. going…. tttooo….. cooome” I managed to breath as my orgasm took hold of me.

“Oh my god babe me too” Niall whispered huskily into the phone

I tilted my head back as my orgasm flowed through me.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing shared between Niall and myself down the phone he finally spoke.

“I can’t believe you rang me, I hope the guys didn’t hear” he chuckled, clearly impressed with himself.

“I wanted you to hear what you could do to me” I informed him

“I can’t wait until I see you babe” Niall breathed down the phone

“I know, I miss you” I said feeling slightly sad

“I want you to come and stay with us on tour for a while”

“What? Really?” I asked “for how long?”

“I don’t know babe how long can you get off from university?” Niall asked excitedly

“Well I finish uni tomorrow for the summer then I don’t go back for next year until October” I told him. It was May now so I get along time off, that’s probably the best thing about university you get along time off for summer.

“Really? Wow, would you want to come on tour with us until then?” he asked, waiting for my answer.

“I would love to, wont the guys get fed up with me?” I giggled, I knew they guys wouldn’t mind as we were all really good friends, I guess it’s hard to be with one of them without getting to know the others really well.

“I just asked, they are really excited, Harry says that he is still going to walk around naked though” Niall laughed.

“Yay ok then, I’ll get tickets to come out and see you tomorrow then. And you can tell Harry I wouldn’t expect anything else.” I giggled

“No babe I’ll sort it out, I’ll let you know the time of the flight tomorrow, I’ll get Paul to come with me to pick you up from the airport!” Niall informed me happily

“Ok, I can’t wait!”

“I love you babe!” Niall said proudly

“I love you too Niall, can’t wait to see you!”

“Bye hun, see you soon” Niall said as he blew a kiss down the phone. I said bye and blew him a kiss too, I can’t wait to see him. I quickly got dressed and went to pack, wait what do you pack when you go on tour with One Direction?????




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