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Lots of One Direction short stories

The List

The List

I had been dating Niall for a few months, he was a great guy and not to mention totally gorgeous. Since Niall had been away on tour for quite a while we hadn’t seen each other much, we Skyped most days and texted the rest of the time. Niall was coming home in a week so I was super excited, we scheduled our usual late night skype session. I looked at the time it was 11pm UK time, I opened my laptop and logged on to skype. After a few minutes Niall video called me. I accepted the call and smiled when I saw Niall’s cheerful sexy self.

“Hi babe!” Niall blew me a kiss.

“Hey Niall, how has your day been?” I asked. Niall filled me in on his day; he had just finished his concert and was still buzzing.

“Babe?” Niall suddenly said with a serious look on his face.

“Ye, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly

“Nothings wrong babe… I was just thinking…..umm…” Niall looked around as if checking that the guys weren’t around.

“Come on Niall…spit it out, what you thinking?” I asked curiously.

“Ok babe I was thinking I’ve been away for a while and missed you like crazy, I can’t wait to get you to my bedroom and not leave for days!” Niall said excitedly.

“Ye same Niall, but is that all you wanted to say, cause you told me that yesterday?” I felt like he was not telling me something.

“Ok, well I was just thinking about trying new things, you know to make things more interesting sexually.” Niall practically whispered.

I laughed “oh so you’re bored of me already?”

“No course not babe” Niall giggled.

“Ok well what type of things were you thinking?” I asked generally interested.

“I haven’t really thought that far in advance I didn’t think you’d be up for trying new things, are you up to try new things?” Niall asked eagerly.

“Ye course I am babe, you know I’m quite open minded” I laughed as Niall’s eyes widened.

“Since you haven’t thought that far in advance, make a list of ALL the things that you want to try with me, do to me, or have me do to you, and send it to me. I’ll look at it and comment on the ones I’m interested in as well, then when you get home we can work through the list.” I smiled as Niall quickly started to type on his laptop, clearly starting a list already.

“Have I ever told you that you’re the best?” Niall smirks

“Yes you have but I don’t mind hearing it again, well Niall I’m really tired babe, I’m going to sleep, send me the list when you’re done then I’ll send it back to you with my ideas, love you” I smiled and blew Niall a kiss.

“I will babe, but I’m kind of going crazy with the list so only tick the ones that you want to do, don’t feel pressured. Love you too love” Niall blew me a kiss and we both logged of skype. I was quite excited to see the list.

The next morning I logged onto my emails, I had a new email from Niall, it was titled ‘the list’. I excitedly opened it. I read the list.

Only select the ones you want to do, whatever you choose you know I’d be happy xxxxx

Nipple clamps
To tie you up!!!
Lots of blow jobs ;)
You’re my submissive (do what I tell you)
Orgasm denial
Sex toys
Different sex positions (work through Kama Sutra)
Deep throating
Face fucking
Threesome (not sure who with……Harry?)
If have threesome…..double penetration
Wax play
Temperature play (heated/cooled dildos, and use of ice)
Ben wa balls
Spanking (with paddles, floggers and hands)
Spanking whilst wearing ben wa balls
Role play (different scenarios e.g. doctor, teacher, you’re the band’s stylist so I fuck you in wardrobe)
Sex in public (well on tour bus or at the studio)
Lots of normal romantic sex too!!!!

I can’t think of anything else at the moment :) love you xxx PS most of these things are stuff I want to do to you!

Wow to be honest I didn’t think Niall would suggest these type things, but I loved the fact that he did. I added to the list and sent it back to him.

To tie you up!! Hell yes!
Nipple clamps sounds good
Anal butt plugs yes!! anal sex not sure at the moment open to trying at some point
Lots of blow jobs ;) obviously!
You’re my submissive (do what I tell you) I like the idea of this!
Orgasm denial longs I get to cum eventually then yes, sounds hot!
Sex toys already have some we can use so defiantly!
Different sex positions (work through Kama Sutra) yes! need to download or buy it first then
Deep throating never tried it but yes, I’m up to try it
Face fucking yes, never done it before so you may have to bear with me :)
Threesome (not sure who with……Harry?) oddly I’m up for a threesome but depends who with, yes Harry if he wants to and it wouldn’t be weird for you? (we can discuss this)
If have threesome…..double penetration ??? as in 2 in my vagina or 1 in vagina 1 in arse? Ummm not really sure I could handle that but I think I’d like to try either
Blindfolds yes!
Wax play longs it creates no lasting damage, it’s a yes.
Temperature play (heated/cooled dildos, and use of ice) sounds fun! Need to buy glass dildo for temperature play!
Ben wa balls just looked what these were up…..yes
Spanking (with paddles, floggers and hands) yes! longs you go easy on me to start with
Spanking whilst wearing ben wa balls if it’s supposed to feel good then totally!
Role play (different scenarios e.g. doctor, teacher, you’re the band’s stylist so I fuck you in wardrobe) haha this would be fun, in the actual wardrobe department, won’t Lou catch us?
Sex in public (well on tour bus or at the studio) haha alone on bus or trying to not get caught when other people on it? Second one would be so hot!
Lots of normal romantic sex too!!!! Obviously Niall!!!




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