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Lots of One Direction short stories

All of One Direction- part 3

Liam had a glint in his eyes as he whispered something to Niall. Niall’s eyes widened with what looked like shock and pleasure. “Have you ever tried anal?” Liam asked seriously, what is he kidding? Ok yes I have toys and stuff I’m not going to lie, but no I have not and to be honest the thought of anything bigger than my small sized plug at home scared me half to death. “No” I answered afraid of what they were thinking of next. “Would you consider trying it?” Niall asked in his caring voice, “I um…..” after a short pause “Well that wasn’t a no” said Zayn with a smirk. Liam leaned down to kiss me, his tongue slowly entering my mouth in a shallow thrust, clearly implying what was to come later. With no warning I felt a finger enter my pussy that was still wet from before; this finger then disappeared and suddenly reappeared at the tight opening to my arse “no” I exclaimed in shock as I felt the finger push past my tight bundle of nerves “mmmm that’s hot” Liam breathed into my mouth as he continued to kiss me. A second and third finger joined the first and slowly started to thrust in an out of my tight opening, ok I must admit this did feel pretty good, but wrong at the same time. Liam suddenly withdrew his fingers and started to undress, wow if I wasn’t so preoccupied from what I think he is about to do I would marvel at his toned body and must I say very erect cock. Zayn grabbed my arms and held them down onto the bed whilst Harry and Louis restrained my legs, what is it with these guys and restraint? it’s clearly their secret kink. I felt liam’s erection press against my tight opening “just relax love” Louis insisted as I clearly tensed up. “This will help” Niall said as he thrust two fingers into my pussy whilst his thumb stocked my clit, I moaned in pleasure. I felt that I was close to coming but surely not so quickly after I had just experienced an amazing orgasm. Liam pushed harder into me from behind and slowly sank into me, I experienced a burning that to start with was painful but as I tried to relax and focus on what Niall was doing to me made the pain turn to amazing, but different, pleasure. “That’s it babe, you’re so tight, just feel me” Liam groaned. He started to ever so slowly move in and out of me stretching me slightly, there was no pain now only earth shattering pleasure.

Niall removed his fingers from my pussy and started to undress as well, what the hell was he going to do? Harry, Louis and Zayn’s grip on me tightened as I lay on my side. Niall nestled up beside me with his erection prodding my stomach, “you’re going to enjoy this, just relax”. Enjoy what? What was he going to do? Niall guided his cock to my entrance of my pussy that was now glistening with my juices and gently pushed the tip in, I groaned in shock and sudden pleasure, Niall continued to fill me and kissed the tip of my nose when he was fully inside me. “godddd” I exclaimed as I felt a tight pressure inside me from both Niall and Liam inside me at the same time. “I knew you would like it” Niall smirked. Liam caressed me from behind whilst Niall started to slowly thrust into me, it felt so different to anything I have ever experienced before, I was in sensation overload. Zayn started to gently squeeze and play with my breasts; I think he may be slightly obsessed with them. A warming sensation flooded through me as Niall increased his speed and Liam also started to move in and out of me, I was about to come, but I hadn’t been given permission, or don’t they care anymore? I looked to Harry who’s eyes had become glazed over with lust, he winked at me and breathed “come”, with Niall and Liam thrusting into me it would have been hard not to. The first wave of my orgasm took hold of me starting from my toes travelling up to my head, I spasmed in pleasure which in turn caused both Liam and Niall to groan loudly as I tightened around them involuntarily. My orgasm seemed to last forever, and was heightened when both Liam and Niall released their load into me. Both guys pulled out of me, which gave me another little spasm of pleasure, and just stared at me in astonishment. Both Louis and Harry gentled pulled me to my feet and led me to the bathroom in the back “who’s up for a shower?” Harry asked as they started to strip off their clothes, Zayn, Niall and Liam followed behind. Zayn kissed me hard and passionately before turning on the large shower. The room soon felt hot with steam and lust………




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