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Lots of One Direction short stories

All of One Direction- part 2

“shit” I turned and was about to leg it out of the bathroom when someone grabbed my wrist. “hey babe, where do you think you’re going?” Harry smirked. I didn’t quite know what to say. “I um…… I was looking for the restroom but guess I haven’t found it, I’ll be going now sorry”. “you don’t need to leave, we don’t mind you being in here, you can still freshen up” Niall exclaimed. Harry started to back me against the wall and held my arms by my side so I couldn’t quite move, “mmmmm I think you might have to remove your top, it’s a bit damp”. He had to state the obvious didn’t he. “ No I don’t think so” I laughed hoping he was joking. Liam walked up to me with a hint of something in his eyes, I’m not really sure what though. Liam stood at my side and started to lift the hem of my top, Harry briefly let go of my arms to allow my top to fully come off, Liam threw it onto the floor. I gasped. “mmmm so much nicer up close” Louis mumbled from the other side of the small room. I looked down at myself standing trapped against the wall with Harry holding my arms slightly above my head this time, which made my breasts thrust forward. Zayn at this moment walked through the door that I had entered through, he smirked when he saw me standing in my bra surrounded by the other members of the band, “started without me I see” he said as he locked the door. A bead of sweat fell from my forehead and again travelled down to my chest, Liam traced the droplet with his finger down my body and paused when it stopped at my cleavage, he leaned his head towards my neck and started to lightly suck at my sensitive skin whilst his hands lightly caressed my breast through my bra. It is so wrong but I was so turned on at this point I gasped in pleasure. “We knew what you needed when we saw you from the stage, even at a distance we could see your nipples were hard” Liam breathed against my throat.

Ok I have to admit it has been a while since I have had sex since I split with my arse of a boyfriend a couple months ago, but I was not expecting what escaped from my lips when Niall winked at me and asked if that’s what I want. “yesss” I breathed as Harry pushed is erection against the junction of my thighs whilst Liam continued to fondle my breast. “great…. Harry, Liam put her on the bed” Louis gently demanded. Bed… what bed? Shit I hadn’t realised before but this isn’t a restroom it looks like a dressing room that had a small size bed in the corner, obviously for when one of the guys needs a lay down. I found myself being carried across the room to the bed, I was gently laid onto the bed. Harry grabbed hold of my left leg just above my ankle and bent it at an angle, Niall did the same to the other leg so that my legs were spread and restrained. Zayn and Liam grabbed an arm each and held them above my head, I was truly restrained now. Louis looked down at me and stated to the boys that I was wearing too much, the next thing I knew I was somehow laying on a bed completely naked with four guys restraining me. Louis started to stoke up and down my thigh getting higher and higher each time, at this point I was really tense and turned on, “relax love” Louis said as he gently stroked my pussy, I gasped at the sudden contact. Liam bent down to kiss me as Louis applied light pressure against my clit, I gasped again, this time into Liam’s mouth. Louis inserted a finger into me “mmmm you’re wet” he stated as he removed his finger then sucked my juices off “mmmm you taste good too” Louis suddenly swapped places with Niall. Niall smiled up at me before he bent down between my thighs and lightly flicked my clit with his tongue, I tensed at the sensation. Niall gathered speed as he licked me to a frenzy, I could feel that I was already close and I started to arch my back in response “don’t come yet babe, we haven’t given you permission” Harry smirked as Niall continued to suck on my clit. Zayn bent over me and took one of my nipples into his mouth and started to lick and suck hard, I think this was supposed to distract me from my ever so close orgasm, it didn’t work, but I managed to hold back the flooding sensation of pleasure that was taking over my body. Niall lifted his head and swapped places with Harry.

Harry stripped off his pants letting his erection spring free. He rubbed his cock up and down the entrance of my pussy coating it in my juices, Harry placed the head of his erection at my entrance and pushed into me. Harry filled me and just stood there for a moment looking directly into my eyes before he started to thrust into me. Harry quickly settled into a quick rhythm that had me whimpering with need, Zayn continued to pleasure my nipples, Liam continued to kiss me using his tongue to mimic the thrusting of Harry’s cock, Niall and Louis stroked small circles onto my ankles while staring at my with lust filled eyes. Harry’s rhythm picked up as he thrust harder and faster into me, I couldn’t hold off any longer “p-please” I groaned as Liam released my mouth. “Come” Harry grunted as he continued to thrust harder into me, I let the pleasure wash over me as my body convulsed with the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, Harry moaned as he released his load into me, he pulled out and just stood there smiling down at me. My orgasm started to fade allowing me to try to sit up “where do you think you’re going” Louis asked with a lusty grin “we haven’t finished with you yet, you better get used to coming” Harry said with a wink. What have I got myself into I wondered…………

I couldn’t believe that I had just had sex with one direction. Well I guess technically you could say that I only actually had sex with Harry, but still what the hell had I just done? I still lay on the bed looking and still feeling flustered. Ok so by the sounds of it the guys haven’t finished with me yet but this can’t happen, well it already kind of happened…. It can’t happen again! “I can’t believe I did that but I really need to go” I struggled to say as Harry started to pull his pants up. All the guys just looked at each other, then me. “If you really want to go babe, then ok” Louis calmly stated as he approached me, “but……” he started to rub my clit and suddenly all rational thought left my brain and was replaced with a burning need again “……..if you want to stay we can all have some more fun” I didn’t speak, I couldn’t speak not when Louis continued to rub my clit vigorously. The guys clearly took my silence for an invitation.




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