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Lots of One Direction short stories

One Direction Interview

One Direction Interview

I arrived at Cosmopolitan Magazine for my interview today. I was a writer for the magazine and quite often took the interviews as I was young and apparently my image fit the magazine. I wore today some wet look tight leggings, a slightly baggy white shirt that still showed off by figure and some black sky high wedges, I also had light makeup on and my hair in a stylish but messy bun (ye I can see why they say I fit the image). I love my job but working for a well-known magazine that is known as the ‘sex guide’ can be hard work. I looked at my schedule to see who I was interviewing today. This couldn’t be right? Apparently I was interviewing One Direction; surely this type magazine wasn’t for them.
“Hey Maggie, the schedule says I’m interviewing One Direction… is that right?” I asked my boss.

“Yes that’s right Lisa, we have been given the privilege to be the only magazine that will ask very personal questions and get answers, so do not shy away from the sex related questions!” Maggie said sternly. This was clearly a big deal for the magazine.

“Umm ok” I say nervously.

I looked at the question cards that I had been given; most of the questions were typical of Cosmopolitan, but some were related to fan fictions and fan blogs. I had never personally seen these so I thought I had better do some quick research. I read a bit of some fan fiction and was shocked, I then also read some fan blogs, and again I was shocked. I saw in my cards that there was a question related to a porn lookalike blog, I stumbled upon this link and had a look. Oh my god……. there were tones of pictures and short videos of porn scenes with actors that looked a lot like the members of One Direction. Ok now I was officially dreading this interview, as I actually liked One Direction and couldn’t imagine them wanting to actually talk about this type of thing.

I gathered my question cards and went to the interview room. One Direction were already getting microphones attached to their trousers. “Hi guys, I’m Lisa. I’ll be interviewing you today” I smiled as I shook each of their hands. They all said hi and introduced themselves, as I turned to look at Maggie to make certain we were actually going to do this, I heard someone whisper behind me “she’s hot!” I turned back around and smiled “thanks Harry, but you really need to learn to whisper” I laughed. The guys all nudged him and laughed.

“Ok guys this interview isn’t going to be like the others, have you actually read Cosmopolitan?” I asked.

“Well my mum reads it, so it can’t be that bad” Louis said with a straight face.

“Um…ok. But just to inform you that it’s aimed at young females, therefore a lot of the articles are about fashion and mainly sex.” I inform them, they looked a bit shocked.

“Mainly about sex? Like what?” Niall asked with a small smile.

“Umm…. Let me think……last month we wrote a how to guide on orgasms, um last week we also had some articles on different sex positions. The magazine is known as the sex guide after all” I laugh.

“Oh my god, really?” Zayn looked really shocked.

“Maybe you should read a few of my previous interviews before you actually go ahead with this?” I say slightly concerned that they didn’t actually know how the interview was going to go.

“Well management haven’t really given us a choice, we are doing this interview. I’m a bit scared now though to be honest.” Harry said nervously.

“Ok then…. If you’re sure. I want to apologise in advance for the questions, I did not write them and if it was up to me I wouldn’t do this interview at all, I get the fans want to know but some things should remain personal. Therefore if I ask a question you don’t want to answer just say and I’ll edit the tape later, my boss won’t be happy but hey she never is.” I say trying to lighten the mood.

“We don’t want to get you in trouble so we will try and answer all the questions.” Says Liam.




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