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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter four: First Kiss & an All-Nighter with 1D!

Harry brought me back home. We were standing next to his car. Our hands were linked together. I smile up at him. He smiles back. I swear, he was so adorable, I couldnt stop from smiling. He looks down at me and starts to lean in. Was the Harry Styles of One Direction about to kiss me? I couldnt believe it! Was this just a dream and will I soon wake up and find out it never really happened?

I knew I wasnt dreaming when I started to lean in myself and could feel his soft, smooth lips on my own. Both of us pull away a few moments later. I smile as I look in to his green-ish brown eyes.

I had a great time, love, he says softly as I look up at him.

I nod in reply and mutter a soft me too, as I look at him.

So, Ill see you tomorrow? Want to come hang out with me and the guys tomorrow? he asks, looking at me.

Sure! I reply and smile.

Ill Skype you later, beautiful, he smiles and puts his arms around my small waist as he looks at me, his eyes boring in to mine. I move my arms around his neck as I look up at him. He leans down and gives me a quick kiss before we part.

I wave to him as he gets in his car. He smiles and blows me a kiss as starts to drive off. I smile as I catch the kiss he blew at me. He was too adorable. I really couldnt wait to tell Nichole about how it went. I make my way up to the door and open the door.

Sam? I heard as I walk in the door.

Yeah? I answer back as I stop in my tracks after shutting the door behind me.

How was your date? she asks, walking in to the front room.

Great, I said and follow her into the living room. I begin to tell her along with Louis about how it went.

Awe! You stole my Harry from me? Louis pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. Nichole laughs and punches him lightly in the arm.

You know Im just kidding, right, love? Louis says, smiling over at me.

I know, I smile back at him. I heard my phone go off. Pulling it out of my pocket, I press the home button to notice I had a new text message from Harry.

After I type in my pass code, I tap on messages and began to read his message: Hi, my lovely. How are you? I had a great time with you tonight. :* I smile as I finish reading it.

I begin to reply right away: Good! :) me too! Best time Ive had in a long time.

I look up to see Louis and Nichole sitting there talking quietly amongst each other.

Samantha- I look over at Louis.

Yeah? I ask as I stare over at him.

We were just talking, and would you like to come over to mine and Harrys place? An all-nighter if you want to come, Im sure Harry would like that. He looks over at me, a small smile on his face.

Sure! Id love to! I reply, smiling. I really couldnt wait to see him again. There is just something about him, I dont know what it was but all I know is that I cant get him off my mind. I was falling hard.

Splendid! Were leaving shortly, so get your things now, he says, smiling. After getting my stuff together I was taking over to Louis and Harrys place, we headed over. Once we got there, I followed behind Nichole and Louis as they walked in the door.

Liam, Harry and Zayn were at the door. Harry grins and pulls me in his arms as soon as he spotted me.

Hi, love. Wasnt expecting to see you so soon after leaving Nicholes, he says in his perfect British accent, smiling at me, moving one of his arms around my shoulder and kisses my cheek.

Me either, I smile widely. You can leave your stuff in here, he says grabbing my bag and setting it next to the stairs before leading me into a huge living area. There was a long couch that went along the entire wall and a huge big screen TV with video game systems in the stand where the TV was, of course. Guys and their video games, you cant live with em, cant live without em.

He leads me over to the couch and takes a seat beside me. Nichole and Louis were sitting down on the other side of the couch while Liam, Zayn and Niall were sitting spread out in the middle. There was a couple bean bag chairs on the floor, a fuzzy blue one and a red one, even one that had animals on it, Im guessing had to be Harrys of course since it had cats on it.

I get up and sit down on the blue one. Harry pouted and crosses his arms over his chest, staring over at me with a hurt look on his face like I had done something wrong. I smile. Looking up, Liam, Zayn and Niall were smiling over at me. Liam was giving me a thumbs up. I smile and do it back to him.

Come sit over here with me, I motion him over; he gets up and plops down next to me.

I smile as he leans against me, resting his head on my shoulder. He was too cute. I couldnt stop smiling.

So, what movie do you lads want to watch first? Louis asks loudly. We all glance over at him.

Doesnt matter to me, what do you think, Sam? Harry looks at me, smiling.

Doesnt matter, Im fine with anything, I reply and shrug my shoulders. Louis nods as he gets up and goes over to a cabinet Im guessing where they kept their movies.

How about Get Smart? he suggests, looking over at us. We all agreed. For the next few hours, we all hung out and watched tons of movies until we fell asleep.


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