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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter twenty-nine: Ladies Night - no men allowed

One year later; two weeks until the Big Day:
Nichole, Hannah, Sierra, Faith and the boys along with Harry and I were sitting around the living room of our flat. The girls and I were chatting earlier in the kitchen and decided that since this is the final weekend of me being a single woman and that we–specifically me–should have a little fun before Harry and I get married next weekend not that I was complaining.

I was happy since everything was practically finished and ready for the wedding. All of our invitations were sent to everyone we invited, thanks to Anne, Harry’s mom and mine. Most of the people we invited RSVP-d and are all attending which made me super happy.

“Harry–I know you’re probably going to hate me for this but the girls and I want to steal your fiancée away for a bit. You’ll get her back tonight,” Nichole says as Harry swiftly turns his face to look at her. I couldn’t help but laugh at his demeanor. He had a cute pout on his face.

“But why? I wanna spend some time with her too,” he whines and crosses his arms over his t-shirt clad chest.

“Come on, Harry, you see her practically every day and you’ll have her every day after next weekend! Can’t I steal her away just for a little bit?” Hannah asks looking at the two of us. He was holding me close to his chest and one of his hands was resting on my hip.

Harry finally gives in a few minutes later and lets out a sigh before he speaks; “I guess so, but can I talk to her…alone for a minute?” he asks and looks at Hannah and Nichole with a pleading look in his eyes. They nod as he takes me hand and leads me over to the guest bedroom next to the stairs.

Once we walk in the room, Harry flips on the light and shuts the door so we could get some privacy. I was glad they were all out of earshot because we want it to be a surprise when they all find out. I knew what he was going to say. Most likely something about what we found out a few weeks ago…I found out I am pregnant with Harry and I’s first child.

“Be careful tonight, love. I want both of my babies to be safe. I’m sure you’ll be fine with the girls but I’ll still worry. Don’t slip and tell them-I want to wait until the reception so we can tell them when we are all together. I love you so much, beautiful,” he says in a quiet tone with a smile and puts his hands on my belly. I was barely showing yet, but knew it was going to be noticeable in the coming months. I was wearing a flowy top so you couldn’t tell or anything. My jeans were a bit loose but they still fit in all the right places. I was glad my TOMS still fit.

I smile as I look at him before I lean up to press a kiss to his lips. “I won’t, babe. I’ll be fine, Haz,” I roll my eyes as I turn to walk out of the room. I feel him lightly grab hold of my arm and pull me back to him.

“I love you,” he whispers and presses a kiss to my forehead. I smile and tell him I love him too before we walk back out to where they were waiting for me.

“Everything alright Sam? Harry?” Hannah asks and looks at the both of us before she puts an arm around my shoulder. I nod in response.

“Everything’s fine, Han,” I tell her with a smile. She smiles in response.

“Good, I was beginning to think something was wrong,” she says as we bid goodbye to the boys as they lead me out the door of mine and Harry’s flat. I was glad I had my phone so I could at least update Harry and let him know if something did happen to go wrong.

“So, where are you ladies taking me?” I ask as the five of us get in to the elevator and press the button to take us to the lobby.

“You’ll see,” the girls say as the ding goes off to signal we made it to the lobby of the apartment building.

They all lead me outside. In the parking lot was a black stretch limousine. A tall man dressed in a suit and hat gets out and comes over to open the door for us. My mouth drops at the sight of the limo. I couldn’t help but wonder where these crazy women were taking me.

“We,” Hannah links her arm with mine and looks at me as we move toward the limo. “Are taking you shopping and then out clubbing tonight,” Nichole finishes for her as the five of us get in to the limo.

“Really? Cool, I can’t wait,” I exclaim with a smile as we all take a seat on the plush cushion in the car. The driver shuts the door after we climb in. After a few minutes, while the girls and I chat about numerous things that have been going on in each of our lives, the car begins to move. We talk and reminisce about a ton of random stuff that has happened between us in the past year that I’ve known them, well Hannah, anyway.

The car slowly comes to a stop about ten long minutes later. “We’re here! Come on Sam!” Sierra grabs me by the arm and pulls me out of the car. I smile and let a light chuckle as I put my purse higher up on my shoulder.

“Let’s go find you something hot to wear tonight!” Nichole says with a smirk. We thank the driver and tip him with some pounds before the girls drag me in to the mall. Nichole grabs my wrist as she drags me toward Victoria’s Secret.

“What are we in here for?” I ask with a chuckle as we walk in the store. Nichole goes over and finds a black lace bustier and holds it up to me.

“What do you think? I might get you this for you for an early wedding gift– you and Harry can have a little fun on your honey moon, I know where he’s taking you!” she says with a smile.

“Are you seriously getting me that?” I ask with a laugh as I look at my cousin. “You do?! Where?!” I ask as my eyes get wide. I couldn’t help but wonder where that boy is taking me. I’m sure it’s somewhere nice.

“Why are you even asking? No, Sam, I’m just holding it for the hell of it. Yes, I’m getting this for you,” she says with a grin before she heads for the cash register to pay.

While the girls and I wait for Nichole to pay for my early gift, I pull out my phone to check to see if I got any messages. Sure enough, there was one from Harry. He was just asking how everything was going and he told me the guys were taking him out somewhere, he just had no idea where. He tells me he misses and loves me before he says that he had to go.

I text him back and tell him everything is fine and that I love him too before I put my phone up.

She hands the bag over to me and leans toward my ear. “Don’t show it to him until the honey moon, love. Harry’s gonna love it, I’m sure, and he won’t be able to take his hands off you,” she whispers with a smirk.

I laugh a bit and reply, “Yeah, he never can control himself, but I don’t mind,” I wiggle my eyebrows and laugh. “I won’t,” I tell her with a smile as we go to the next store. After we look around some more stores, I finally find an outfit to wear, a nice dress that wasn’t too tight or lose; it fit in all the right places. It was a light blue shade that stopped a little above my knee. Thankfully, my legs were shaved and smooth.

We went back to mine and Harry’s flat so we could get ready for tonight after we pay for mine. Each of us got a new outfit to wear tonight. Harry and the boys weren’t there so we could get ready in peace without the boys there to distract us.

Once we were all ready to go, we head to wherever the girls were taking me. I didn’t know what I was in for, but I had a feeling it was going to be great, wherever they were taking me. On our way to the destination, I pulled out my phone so I could text Harry and tell him everything was going alright and updating him that everything is going well. Tonight was going to be great with my girls; I was excited and ready to have fun, as much as I could anyway since I am now eating and nourishing for two.


So, this is the second to last chapter!
There will be a sequel - it should be up soon!
Thank you so much to all the readers and comments I've received! :D
It means so much <3

no one likes a silent reader c;


It will be up soon!!(:
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Harry_xo_xo_xo Harry_xo_xo_xo
@georgia peaches 101
I know! I'm sad it's over too but this isn't the end of Sam and Harry just yet (:
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its sad that its over but happy for sequel!

link to sequel! It should be up soon! I will start on it soon c:
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