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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter twenty-four: dress shopping

5 months later;
I am so excited. Today, the girls and I were going to get fitted for our dresses. The boys were going to get fitted for their tuxes as well. I couldn’t wait. About a week ago, I had texted Gemma, telling her that I was thinking about going to look at dresses this week, well, today actually, and that is when she took the first opportunity and came to stay with us for a bit since she is super excited about helping me pick out my dress.

This past month or two, Harry and I have been planning quite a lot for our big day. It is such a long process but will be all well worth it in the end, I just know it. I was dressed in a t-shirt and some sweat pants. The reason being, I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible since I am going to be trying on tons of dresses.

I finish styling my hair as I stood in the bathroom that was connected to Harry’s bedroom in the flat. After I was done, I walk out in to Harry’s bedroom we were sharing. He was sitting on the bed, smiling over at me.

“You look nice, babe,” he says and grabs me by the waist pulling me toward him.

I smile and laugh at his remark. “Babe, I’m just in sweats and a t-shirt, not trying hard to impress anyone, well, maybe one person,” I smirk and kiss his lips.

He pulls me against him as he pulls me closer and kisses me. I feel his tongue on my bottom lip, begging for entrance. After a few minutes of teasing, I open my mouth slightly and let him in. He moves one of his hands up to my face and cups my cheek in his hand as he deepens it. Our lips move together in sync for the next few minutes before someone interrupts us.

Harry groans as we pull away and look over in the door way to see his sister, Gemma standing there, a warm smile on her face.

“Sorry to interrupt you love birds, but Sam, the girls and I have somewhere to be,” she says, smiling over at her younger brother. Harry pouts as Gemma comes forward and pulls Sam away from him.

“Will I see you tonight, baby?” he asks, sticking his bottom lip out as he looks at me, eyes wide.

“Yes, you will, Hazza, I promise babe, you’ll get me all to yourself,” I tell him with a smile and come forward and press a quick kiss to his lips. He lets it linger a minute or so longer before I feel Gemma grab my wrist and pull me backwards.

“Okay, love. Can’t wait,” he smiles at me and blows a kiss in my direction. I smile and blow one back and push my purse higher up on my shoulder. Once we make it outside, she turns to me.

“You ready to find your dress, dear? I’m excited to help along with the girls!” she asks, a wide smile on her face as we headed toward the elevator to take us down to the car where the girls were already waiting for us.

“Oh my god Sam! I am so excited to help you find your dress!” Sierra states once we made our way over to Nichole’s car.

“I know, I’m really excited that we’re finally doing this!” I smile widely as she pulls me in to a hug. I smile and hug her back. After pulling away from the hug, we all pile in to the car. I was up front with Nichole while Gemma, Faith and Hannah were in the back.

After Nichole pulls out of the parking spot, she starts to head over to the place we were going. I reach forward and turn the radio on. Cher Lloyd’s Want U Back was playing. We all sing along as Nichole drives over to the dress shop.

We arrive at the dress shop about ten minutes later. Once Nichole parks, we all pile out. As we start to walk toward the entrance, I feel my phone buzz signaling a new text. I pull it out and press the home screen to make it light up. Sure enough, it was from Harry. I unlock it and tap on messages and begin to read it.

Hi beautiful. I miss you already. Hope you and the girls have fun. ;) The lads and I are going to get fitted for our tuxes soon. Can’t wait for tonight, love you. :*

I smile at his message and type up a quick reply on my iPhone keyboard.

We will, babe. Love you too. I can’t wait either :* Have fun with the lads ;) well, I gotta go now, Haz! Text you later!

I put it back in my purse as I follow the girls inside. This is going to be fun; I couldn’t wait to start to try on the dresses.

For the next half hour or so, the girls along with the lady who had set up our appointment help me find the right dress. Gemma picks one off the rack and shows it to me as I was seated on a couch near the dressing room.

“What about this one?” she asks, holding it up and looking at me with a questioning look. It was a turquoise blue color. I scrunch my nose up as I look at it and shake my head. I didn’t like it. She shrugs her shoulders and sets it back on the rack of dresses.

Next, Gemma pulls a long beautiful white gown off the rack and shows it to me. It was strapless and had a ton of sparkles on the top. I smile and nod. She picks it up and carries it over to me as careful as she could. I think this was the dress, it was perfect. It had a medium-size train that flowed down in the back and even had a lace up corset on the back. Rhinestones and sparkles were placed all over the top.

“I love it!” I say as I walk up to her, a wide smile on my face. It was perfect, I loved it already and I haven’t even tried it on yet. I tried on a couple but they didn’t compare to how this one looked. I feel my eyes slowly begin to well up in tears.

I take the dress carefully out of her hands and lift it up so I wouldn’t mess it up. I also try and not to let any of the sparkles go everywhere as I make my way to the dressing room.

“You sure you won’t need any help, Sam?” Gemma calls as I walk in to one of the dressing room stalls.

“Nah, I’m fine, but you can come help me tie it up once I have it on?” I question with a laugh.

“Sure thing, love,” I hear her state as I begin to slip out of my clothes until I was in my undergarments.

I was glad that the bra I was wearing was strapless because it would have bugged me if the straps were showing while trying it on. I step in to it as careful as I can. Thankfully, it didn’t snag or anything. I slip in to it successfully, now here’s the fun part, tying the corset up. It fit perfectly in all the right places. The dress was simply gorgeous, I love it.

“Gem! Would you mind helping me?” I call as I hold the top part of the dress securely as I stare at myself in the small body length mirror that was on the wall.

“Of course, be right there!” she calls back as I hear the clicking of heels coming toward the dressing rooms. I hold on to the top of my dress as I reach over and pull the door open for her. She steps in and gasps.

“Oh my God, Sam. You look gorgeous, Harry is going to love it!” she squeals as I motion for her to help tie the corset for me.

“Oh, right,” she laughs and grabs the strings as she begins to tighten it. “That tight enough for ya, love?” she tightens it as I let my hands drop to my sides. I nod in response as I stare at her reflection in the mirror.

“C’mon, love. You have to show the girls. They are going to flip!” she grabs my hand and leads me out of the tiny dressing room and back out to the main floor. The room erupts in to loud squeals of excitement and cheers.

“Sam, you look smashing! Harry is going to love it, it is so perfect!” Nichole gushes and comes forward and grabs my other hand and twirls me around so I can look at myself in the big mirror that showed every angle. Sierra, Faith and Hannah flip at how pretty it looked on me.

After we all gushed about it, I went to go switch out of it in to my regular clothes. I carry the dress over to the counter and hand it over to the girl who stood behind the counter.

“Is this the dress?” she asked, a warm smile on her face as she looked at me. I smile wide and nod at her.

“It sure is one pretty dress, that’s for sure,” she says and begins to push some buttons on the cash register.

“When’s the big day?” she asks, smiling at me.

“We haven’t really decided yet,” I tell her with a chuckle. “Still figuring out a date,” I respond.

“That’s the most difficult part, but it’s all worth it in the end,” she smiles.

“Um, when would you like to come and get it measured? The ladies who do it here are great,” she asks, smiling at me.

“A couple weeks maybe?” I ask.

“That’s fine,” she replies back with a smile.

For the next few hours or so, I help the girls pick their bridesmaid’s dresses and Gemma her maid of honor’s dress since she requested to be the maid of honor at the wedding. Ever since I first told her, she insisted on being it since she is so excited for us, almost a bit more excited than Harry and I both are.

After a while, each of the girls found the right dress. A crimson red strapless dress with a black bow around the waist is what the girls picked out for the bridesmaid’s dresses. I had such a great time helping them pick the dresses out. One by one, they came out and showed me how it looked on each of them. It looked great on all of them. Next, it was Gemma’s turn.

I helped her find a long form-fitting red dress that hugged her body in all the right places. It had a black bow around the waist and had plenty of sparkles on it.

We finish up and head back to the flat after the girls pay for each of their dresses. I’m sure the boys have made it back by now from their busy day of finding their tuxes. I couldn’t wait to be with Harry and spend much needed time with him.


Here's the next chapter!

Comments are greatly appreciated! :D


It will be up soon!!(:
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I know! I'm sad it's over too but this isn't the end of Sam and Harry just yet (:
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its sad that its over but happy for sequel!

link to sequel! It should be up soon! I will start on it soon c:
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