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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter eighteen: Girls Day/Date Night!

After about a half hour or so, the girls and I are finally ready, well almost. I just got my dress on; it was a tight strapless blue dress that was cutout on the sides that showed off my waist. I already knew that Harry was going to love it. I continued to finish getting ready. All I had to do now was my hair and makeup. I walk back in to my room from the bathroom where Hannah, Nichole and the girls were.

“Sam, Harry is totally going to love you in that! He won’t be able to keep his hands off you!” Nichole said, smiling at me. She looked so pretty in her silver sparkly mini dress. Her hair was pulled up in a nice bun with small strands that were hanging down on the sides and the front of her hair teased back. She wore these really pretty sparkle dangling earrings. It made her look simple yet very elegant.

“I know, but think about it, that’s how he always is anyway,” I smile back at her.

“True,” she says, smiling back.

Hannah wore a light blue spaghetti-strap knee-length dress that had black lace over it. It even had a cute bow that went around the waist. Her nails were painted a similar color just like the blue in her dress. She even paired her outfit with a black pair of flats. She also wore diamond studs that Liam had gotten her for their 6 month anniversary.

Sierra wore a short black mini dress that had sparkles along with with these cute black high heeled boots. Her hair was down in pretty ringlet curls. She wore some real pretty jewelry she got a while back. A silver heart necklace she got a few years ago. Sierra also wore some cute silver bangles as well.

That left Faith. She was in a pale pink dress that is similar to mine, just a different color. We ended up getting it at the same place. She paired her dress with a pair of heels because she wanted to feel a bit taller since she is on the shorter side.

Hell, I didn’t blame her; I was the same way; short and petite. It’s better that way because we get to lean up to kiss our boyfriends instead of leaning down. That is much cuter than girls who are taller than their boyfriends. Now, that’s pretty awkward but funny at the same time.

I walk over to the mirror on my wall and start to put on my makeup. The girls and I talk while we finish getting ready. About a few moments later after we finished getting ready, the doorbell rang. That had to be the boys.

“Come on Sam, hurry up! Grab your shoes so we can go see who’s at the door,” Sierra says, looking at me, her hand on her hip as she stared at me, an impatient look on her face.

“Hold on!” I rush around my room and open the door to my closet to grab my shoes. I slip my heels on after grabbing my phone before the girls and I head down stairs. After we got down to the bottom of the stairs, we stop and listen at the voices in the front room. I could hear Harry’s deep voice along with the other four-fifths of One Direction. That was definitely the boys. I also heard my dad in there as well.

“Oh-wow! Sam, y-you look beautiful,” Harry stood there, his mouth open a bit as he stared at me, his lips curved up in to a wide cheeky smile of his. He looked incredible in a pair of dress pants, a button up shirt with a blazer over it.

“Thanks, Haz,” I walk over and smile as he pulls me in his arms.

“Sam,” I hear my dad say.

“Yes, Dad?” I look over at him and smile as Harry and I pull away from the hug. As I turn to face my dad who stood there, I felt Harry wrap his arm tight around my waist and pull me closer to him.

“Have fun tonight and don’t be back too late,” he said firmly and smiled at me and Harry. He comes forward and presses a soft kiss on my forehead. I smile and tighten my arm around Harry.

“I won’t,” I tell my dad and pull away from Harry and give my dad a hug. He smiles at us once more before walking off.

“We all ready to go?” Louis speaks up, looking around at all of us who each stood in pairs.

“Ready!” the four girls and I say a bit loudly as I pull on Harry’s arm.

“Ladies first, go on love, I’ll catch up,” Harry kisses my cheek before he pulled open the door and let me walk out first along with the other girls following behind me. After they walk out, the boys walk out and Harry shuts the door behind them after walking out with his band mates. He smiles as he walks up to me.

“You look so beautiful, love,” he smiles and grabs my waist, pulling me toward him. I smile widely as I lean in to press my lips against his. I could feel his tongue lightly come across my lips as he leans in and presses his lips against mine, pulling me even closer to him. Our lips move in sync for the next couple minutes before we pull apart because someone interrupted us, Louis most likely.

“What was that for?” Harry rubbed his head with his open hand, glaring over at his best friend.

“Sorry,” Louis smirked at him.

“Harry, Louis, stop! Let’s get going!” Liam said firmly looking at the two boys. Nichole and I look at each other with smiles on our faces. We couldn’t help but laugh, it was funny.

“Okay, Liam,” Louis says and grabs Nichole’s hand as we follow behind him. Sitting in front of my house was a black stretch limo. My mouth opened wide, I turn to look at Harry, my mouth open in surprise.

“We’re going in this? No way! This is amazing!” I smile and let out a laugh at Faith’s comment.

“No, Faith, we’re going in my car dressed like this…yes we’re going in a fancy limo!” Sierra says smiling at our best friend. Oh how I loved them both.

“Let’s get in, we set the reservation for seven-thirty, we’re going to be late,” Liam said as he goes over and opens the door of the limo to let us inside. After we all got in and got ourselves settled, the driver drove off. We were all lost our own conversations on the way to wherever we were going.

“Where are we going?” I ask, looking at Harry, smiling.

“You’ll see, you’re going to love it,” Harry says, smiling cheekily back.

“I’m sure I will,” I smile and snuggle against his side.

“I love you, Sam,” Harry whispered in my ear, resting his hand on my thigh.

“I love you too, Harry,” I smile as he leans in and tightens his arms around my waist, pulling me even closer to him so I was practically sitting on his lap. Good thing it was dark in the limo.

“You look amazing, you have no idea how bad I want you right now,” he says quietly as he could and places sweet kisses on my cheek and slowly trails them down the side of my neck as he pulls me tighter against him, his arms wrapping tighter around my waist.

“Mm, I can imagine. After,” I smile and grab his face in my hands, kissing him softly as my other hand comes down to mess with the top on the open top button on his shirt.

Before we knew it, the limo comes to a stop. We must be here wherever the boys are taking us. Liam opens the door and steps out, reaching out to help Hannah out. After we all got out, I straighten out my dress while Harry does the same with his shirt and blazer. Harry takes my hand and laces his fingers with mine.

“FOOD! Let’s go, I’m starvin’!” Niall said loudly as we all stood outside.

We all follow behind him and Sierra who had to run to keep up with him. After we get inside, I realize where we are. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles. A real good Italian food place, it was called Oregano’s. I’ve only been here once.

“Name?” a girl asked who stood behind a podium while she stood there waiting to seat people at their tables.

“Payne,” Liam said simply as he walked up to check if the table was ready. I didn’t know how the ten of us would fit at one table, but I guess it will all work out somehow.

“Oh my God! Y-you’re Liam from One Direction!” she squealed as she turned back around to face us.

“Sure am.” He smiled and wrapped his arm around Hannah as the rest of us followed behind them. She set down our menus and ran off with a huge smile on her face.

“Here ya go, m’lady,” Harry said as he pulled out a chair for me.

“Thanks, love,” I smile and plant a kiss on his cheek as he takes a seat next to me. We all talked while we waited for our waiter or waitress to come up to the table to take our drink orders and meal orders. Soon enough, a girl about Nichole’s age walks up to the table.

“Hi, I’m Rachel and I’ll be your waitress for the evening. Oh my God, you guys are One Direction!” she said loudly and covered her mouth with her hand.

“So sorry! Uh…w-what can I get you all to drink tonight?” she asked as calm as she could. I knew if I never met Harry or the boys, that is how I would have freaked out as well. I’m sure that’s how Harry thought I would do after I met him.

She walks off after taking each of our orders. After waiting for our drinks, she finally brings them back and takes our orders. We all talk and have a good time while we eat.


After we finished up eating, Harry decided he wanted to go walk with me so we could watch the sunset on the beach. He said he wanted to spend some time with me. Not that I minded at all. I didn’t mind really. I wanted the time just as much as him. As we got down on the beach, I pulled my shoes off and carried them in my open hand that wasn’t around Harry.

“I had a fun time with you tonight,” he said, stopping and turning toward me. He began to stare at me, I could see nothing more but love and passion in his eyes.

“I love you, more than anything, Samantha,” Harry smiles warmly at me and pulls me in a soft kiss as he lifts me up off my feet and twirls me around a few times. After a few spins, he sets me back on my feet, still holding on to my waist.

“I love you too, Harry” I say as I feel his warm breath on my neck. He smiles and lightly pecks a spot on my neck.

“Harry…what are you doing?” I smile at him as he pulls away, a big wide smile on his face.

“Just looking at you, you are so beautiful,” he says, kissing me again.

“There’s something I want to ask you…” he smiles and tightens his grip on my hand.

“What is it, babe?” I smile as I stare at him.

“I love you with all my heart. You are everything to me. I knew you were the one for me the moment I met you. We have been through so much together. I never knew you would mean as much to me as you do. You mean the world to me. I need you by my side. I know this is so soon, but I can’t help it. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. There is no other girl in this world that I love more than you. That person is my Mum but that’s beside the point. You mean the world to me and so much more. I am nothing without you. Samantha Joanne Thompson, will you marry me?” Harry asked, pulling out a ring box as he stood there on one knee staring up at me. He opens it to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring; a white gold band with three diamond stones, the one in the middle in the shape of a heart.

I stare at him not saying anything. Was he serious? I slowly start to feel the tears falling down my cheeks as I look at him. I grab his shirt and pull him up to meet my lips, kissing him deeply. He pulls me as close to him as possible and kisses me again, slipping his tongue in between my parted lips, closing the space between us. After a few minutes, we pull away.

“Is that a yes?” he asks, smiling at me, his green eyes boring in to my gray-blue ones.

“Y-yes, Harold, I’d love to marry you,” I smile widely as I stare at him. He smiles back just as wide and attacks me with a huge bear hug where he ended up pushing me down on to the sand. We chuckled loudly as we crashed down on the sand. He cups my face in his hands and leans forward, kissing me deeply again.

“I-I love you,” I get out as he starts to kiss my neck.

“Here, babe, give me your hand,” he says and takes my left hand and puts the engagement ring on my finger.

“We should probably get back,” I smile and lean in toward his lips once more. I knew I had to be getting sand in the wrong places, but I didn’t really care at this moment. All I care about is Harry. He helps me get up and I brush the sand off me.

About thirty minutes later, we get back to my house. Once we got back up to my room, Harry closed the door behind us before he came back over to me and snuggled with me on my bed.

“I love you so much, Sam,” he whispered in my ear as his hands moved down to the bottom of my dress, right below my butt.

“I love y0u too, Haz,” I lean forward and pull him in to a kiss. That night, we did a little more than just cuddling. I think you get the idea. I would tell the girls tomorrow, but right now, all I wanted was to be with my Hazza.




It will be up soon!!(:
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I know! I'm sad it's over too but this isn't the end of Sam and Harry just yet (:
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its sad that its over but happy for sequel!

link to sequel! It should be up soon! I will start on it soon c:
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