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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter fifteen: Surprises & New Friendships

Hannah, Liam, Nichole, Louis, Zayn and Niall stood there. “Oh my God! You’re here!” I jump in to Hannah’s arms. She laughs and hugs me tightly.

“Sure am, thanks to your lovely cousin, love,” she smiles at me. Harry pulls me off of her and sets me back on my feet. Each of us get attacked with hugs from them all.

“Awesome!” I exclaim as the girls and I link arms as I lead them inside my house. Harry and the boys follow behind us. We go in to the front living room.

“You need help with your bags?” I ask, looking at them. The two girls shake their heads.

“Nope, they are at the hotel we’re staying at while we are here,” Liam tells us, smiling a bit.

“Oh, okay.” I reply.

“So, what is there to do around here, love?” Louis asks, smiling at me.

“Uh, well, there’s the beach, the pier, the mall for shopping and Disneyland which is about a half hour away.” I tell them with a smile.

“Awesome!” Nichole and Hannah say loudly.

“What about food? Are there any good places to eat around here?” Niall asks which makes all of us burst out in to loud fits of laughter.

“Did I do something wrong?” his wide cheeky smile turns in to a frown.

“No, Niall, of course not!” I tell him and smile. Oh, Niall and his love for food. The boy always has something with him to snack on, but nothing with him now, which was very surprising.

“There are tons of good places to eat around here! Lots of seafood and some other real good places too, it just depends on what you’re hungry for at the time, I guess.” I reply as Harry walks up behind me, tightly wrapping his strong arms around my small waist.

“Really?! Let’s go! I’m starvin’!” he mutters loudly in his thick Irish accent.

“Mind if two of my friends come along too?” I ask, looking over at them.

“Not at all, they’re gladly welcome to go with us, love,” Liam smiles warmly at me. I pull out my phone and text Sierra and Faith asking them if they want to meet over at my place and tell them I have people for them to meet before we go out to eat.

I get an immediate response back from both of them. Sure! On our way soon! We all talk and catch up while we wait for them to get there.

“Oh and Niall, Zayn, I’m warning you now, you two are each of their favorites, Sierra is crazy yet sane at the same time and says that you are her favorite,” I point at Niall and smile.

“What about me, love?” Zayn asks, looking at me.

“I’m gettin’ there Zayn, chill down,” I tell him and laugh at his remark.

“Zayn, brace yourself here, Faith is just like Sierra, in a way, and I’m sure will freak out big time, you are her favorite, she loves you, Bradford bad boy!” I tell him and give him a small smile before the doorbell rings.

“Trust me, love, I’m used to it,” he smiles as I move Harry’s arms from around my waist so I can go get the door.

“Hazza, love, let me go so I can answer the door,” I tell him and lean up and give him a kiss on the cheek before he slowly lets go of my waist and I begin to make my way over to the door.

I open the door to see my two best friends standing there. Sierra and Faith were smiling big.

“Who is it that we get to meet?! Are they famous?” Faith asks, looking at me, eyes wide with a big smile on her face.

“Maybe…you’ll see, Faith,” I grab the girls each by the wrist and drag them inside.

“Awesome!” both girls reply, smiling. I lead them inside to the living room where Harry, Nichole, Hannah and the boys were. Both of the girls mouths drop as they walk in to the room with me.

“O-oh my God, you’re kidding me, Sam!” Faith grabs on to my arm, gripping it tightly.

“O-One Direction is standing in your living room. Holy shit, Sam!” Sierra says, loudly.

I introduce Sierra first to the boys. They all give her a big group hug, Harry included. When it got to Niall, I notice his blue eyes brighten up and a wide toothy grin go across his face as he pulls her in a friendly hug. They actually did look super cute together. As he pulled away from the hug, his cheeks turned a shade of red.

“Awe, is Niall blushing?!” Louis asks and pinches his cheeks with his fingers, making him blush an even darker red almost pink.

Next, I introduced Faith to the beautiful yet mysterious Bradford boy, also known as, Zayn Malik. As they locked eyes, I could tell there was an instant spark there, just like I saw for Niall and Sierra.

After their semi-long hug, Zayn finally pulls away and smiles brightly at her.

Faith, Sierra, Hannah and Nichole hit it off right away. I could tell they were all going to become close, just as I have gotten close to them the past month when I was in London.

Harry and I sit on the couch, next to Liam who was holding Hannah close to him while her, Nichole and Sierra and Faith talk, getting to know each other.

I glance over at Niall and Zayn, giving each of them a smile and raised my eyebrows as if to say, “You like?” Both boys crack a big smile and nod their heads in unison.


After we all went to eat, we all decide to go over to the hotel where they were staying at and hang out for a bit. Before we left earlier, I left my mom a note at home, telling her where I went with Harry that we went out with friends and we would be back later. I also told her not to worry, because I know how she does that some times.

Harry and I were lying on the couch in Hannah and Liam’s room while they were sitting in the love seat snuggling. Sierra, Faith, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Nichole were sitting in random places around the room. Niall and Sierra were lost in conversation; I could see sparks between them two beginning to form, just how I noticed with Zayn and Faith.

The two couples seemed so natural together and adorable if I must say so myself. I lean my head against Harry’s shoulder as he pulls me closer against him and laces my fingers together with his. He gives me a loving kiss on my forehead and tightens his arms around me.

“Haz, I’m tired,” I mumble and turn so I was now facing him as he opens his arms to hold me tight in them.

“You are, baby? Want to go back now?” he asks, slowly running his fingers through my hair. I nod and nuzzle my face in his neck.

“Come on, love,” Harry lightly pushes me to get up. I slowly get up and smile as I feel him wrap a strong secure arm around my waist, holding me upright. I rub my eyes to get myself awake a bit more so I could focus.

“Sierra, Faith, need a ride back home? We’re heading out now,” I tell them, my eyes wide to keep myself awake.

“I guess so, I don’t want to leave just yet,” Sierra says, her lips curving in to a frown.

“Okay, I guess we can wait a few more minutes,” I say as Harry leads me over to the nearest bed and lies down beside me, cuddling with me.

“I really enjoyed meeting you, love, and spending time with you, you are very beautiful. Will I see you again?” I heard Niall ask Sierra.

“T-thanks, Niall. Yes-sure! Of course, I’d love to see you again,” she tells him and smiles. With that, I lean up a bit and watch as the two exchange numbers and program them in to each other’s phones. Too cute! I notice Zayn and Faith do the same thing.

“I’ll see you soon, love, I had a great time with you today. I’m very glad I got to meet a very gorgeous bird like you,” Zayn tells Faith. She was silent, but I could tell there was a big smile plastered on her face.

“I’m glad I got to meet you too, I had a g-great time myself, Bradford boy! I’d love to see you again,” she finally replies and hands him her phone to plug his number in.

Before we know it, we are finally heading back home. I drop off my two love struck best friends and leave them to go back home to my house with my boyfriend. A great day with tons of awesome people, I’m proud to call my friends.


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It will be up soon!!(:
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