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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter thirteen: Endless love

Before we know it, its morning again and the sun is coming brightly in to the living room. I shift a bit in Harry’s tight grip and turn so I was now facing him. I groan and bury my face into his shoulder. I feel him press his soft lips to my cheek.

“Hi love,” Harry smiles at me and tightens his arms around my small waist. I smile as I look at him.

“Hi, Harry,” I smile and lean up and press my lips against his, giving him a soft kiss.

“How’d you sleep, love?” he asks, smiling at me.

“Pretty well, yourself?” I ask as he repositions himself on the couch, pulling me up so I was now lying on top of him.

“Good, since you were beside me, love,” he smiles up at me and leans up toward my lips. I feel him move his arms around my waist and resting them right above my butt.

We both glance over to the right of us to see that Faith was sprawled out on the floor, asleep and dead to the world. Sierra isn’t there. She is probably in the kitchen finding food, like always.

“Harry, I don’t want to get caught,” I tell him quietly and lean down to rest my head against his chest. He kisses the top of my head.

“We won’t if we sneak up to your room, love,” he says softly in to my ear. He smiles and leans up toward my lips again. Our lips move together in sync for the next few minutes. He lightly pushes me off of him and sits up, taking a hold of my hand. As we get up, we carefully step over Faith and walk in the direction of the stairs.

Looking over in the doorway of the kitchen, we see Sierra walking out into the living room. “Where are you two going?!” she asks, looking at Harry and I, her eyes wide.

As we look over at her, I feel Harry tighten one of his strong arms around my small waist pulling me close.

“Up to my room, where else?” I question, laughing a bit. I notice her lips form an ‘o’ shape as she walks toward us and stops as she looks at us.

“Nice, have fun,” she smiles at us.

“We will,” I tell her and smile.

I smile as Harry pulls me in to his chest as we turn and go upstairs. I smile at Harry as he pulls me up to my room. I take his hand and lead him in to my room once we make it to the top of the stairs. I shut and lock my door once Harry and I walk in so we won’t have any interruptions.

“So, we’re alone now,” Harry looks at me, smiling.

“We are,” I smile at him as he pulls me closer to him and leans in, crashing his lips against mine.

As he kisses me, I feel him move his hands down to my waist and him pulling my body closer to his. I smile against his lips and feel him lace his fingers through the belt loops of my jean shorts, pulling me even closer to him. As he does that, not breaking the kiss once, he lifts me up and carries me over to the bed.

He lays me down on my bed and crawls on top of me, closing the gap between us once more as he leans in again. I wrap my arms around his neck while he moves his hands down to the hem of my shirt. I feel him touch the small of my back and shiver at the touch of his hands on me. He kisses me once more and pulls away and stares into my eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” Harry whispers in my ear.

I smile as I stare up at him. “Thank you,” I reply, smiling up at the green-eyed boy above me.

“No problem, love,” he replies back as he looks at me with love and affection in his eyes. He leans in again and kisses my cheek and trails kisses down my neck from my cheek as he whispers cute things about me in my ear. I move my hand to rest on his cheek, softly running my finger tips over the soft, smooth skin on his face.

I smile as I feel him move his arms down below my shorts, his hands resting on the back of my thighs right below my butt. He rolls off the top of me and pulls me on top of him. He takes my hand and lifts me up so I can reposition myself as I lay against him. I straddle his clothed body and lean down toward his lips, my hands going down to the hem of his shirt and I begin to feel his chest and abs as my hands begin to move up his chest underneath the shirt he wore.

He arches his back as I start to pull his shirt off. Once I get it off the top of his head, he throws it carelessly to the floor. As I begin to run my finger tips over his bare chest and rest them on his neck, he begins to move his hands up my sides under the shirt I wore. After he pulls it off and throws it off to the side, he leans back up toward my lips, kissing me deeply.

He smiles up at me as he looks from my face to my chest. He smirks as he looks at the black lacy bra I wore.

“I-I love you,” he says, in my ear as he puts his fingers through my hair, leaning in for another kiss.

“I love you too,” I mumble against his lips as he kisses me and wraps his arms around me.

Our lips begin to move together in sync as his hands start to explore my body. Could this be leading to something more than just our normal cuddling with each other? Sure seems like it to me, not that I minded at all.


Next chapter! Hope you like<3 please comment and rate for more!c: there is still more to come!

no one likes a silent reader!!!!(:


It will be up soon!!(:
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I know! I'm sad it's over too but this isn't the end of Sam and Harry just yet (:
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its sad that its over but happy for sequel!

link to sequel! It should be up soon! I will start on it soon c:
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