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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter ten: Home sweet home

Harry and I land in California about ten and a half hours later. I feel someone lightly shaking me which stirs me awake.

“Sorry to wake you love–we’re here,” I slowly open my eyes to see Harry smiling down at me, his curls falling over his eyes. I clear my throat and cough a bit as I sit up.

I stand up and step out in to the aisle so I can get my carry-on from the compartment above our seat. I smile as I felt Harry’s warm arms wrap around my waist as we slowly get off the plane, following behind tons of other people getting off as well.

Before we know it, we make it in the air port of the lovely LAX I am so used to. Harry adjusts his beanie on his head and puts his sunglasses on to disguise himself from the crazy fans here.

“Come on, Harry. Let’s go get our bags from baggage claim,” I say and take his hand in mine.

“Okay, love, lead the way,” he laces our fingers together as we walk in the direction of baggage claim to retrieve our bags. We get over there about less than five minutes later.

After we get each of our bags, I pull out my phone to see a new text from my mother. Let me know when you get in. We’re already here at the airport, waiting for you. Can’t wait to see you! Love you! I type my pass code in my iPhone and begin to text her back to tell her I have just arrived. Once I text her back and tell her I just got my bags, I kept walking so I could find her.

I tangle my fingers with Harry’s fingers as I look around for my mom.

“Samantha!” I heard a voice call from behind me. I glance behind me and see a familiar face staring in my direction. My mother stood there, her shoulder length dark blonde hair still the same with her bangs over her blue-gray eyes.

“Is that your mum?” Harry asks, glancing over at me, his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“Yes,” I laugh at his expression. “That’s my mother,” I smile and pull him behind me as I walk quickly over to where my mother stood.

“Hi, sweetie!” she smiles as I let go of Harry’s hand and she pulls me in to a hug.

“It’s good to see you, mom!” I smile as I hug her back.

“Who’s he, sweetie?” she asks me softly, her eyes shifting over to Harry.

After pulling away from the hug, I walk over to Harry.

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Harry,” I introduce him to my mother. She looks at him with curious eyes as if she has seen him before.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” she smiles and shakes his hand. He shakes her hand.

“Nice to meet you too Mrs. Thompson, I’m Harry,” he says, smiling that cute, cheeky smile of his.

“Call me Carrie,” she says, smiling at Harry.

“Sam, honey, your sister and brother are up at the hospital with your grandma, we’re going to meet with them and see how your father’s doing and then all go out to dinner. Is that okay, sweetie? Harry, you alright with that, sweetheart?” she asks, staring over at the two of us.

Harry and I nod our heads. I feel him wrap his arms around my waist, holding me tightly against him. I smile as he kisses my temple.

I feel him grab my hand as we drag our bags behind us while we follow my mother out to the car. After we put our bags in the back, I get in the back seat and slide in next to Harry. My mom gets in the driver’s seat.

We all talk and catch up a bit on the way to the hospital where my father is. My mom and Harry talk and she gets to know him better. I smile as Harry reaches over and takes my hand and lacing our fingers together, resting it on his lap as my mom continues to drive.

Even though she just met him a few minutes ago, I can tell she is already starting to like him. I was really dreading this, the past couple days since Harry told me he was coming with me. I thought she wouldn’t end up liking him but I was obviously way off.

We get over to the hospital soon enough. After my mother parks the car, we rush inside. Once we get inside the building, my mom goes up to the counter to ask which room my father is in.

“Room 117B, fourth floor, third door on the left after you get off the elevator.” The girl at the front desk replies, smiling at us.

As we walk in the direction of the elevator, there is a loud shriek behind us.

“Mom! Samantha!” we turn around to see my younger siblings running up to us.

“Hey Abby! I missed you!” I hug my sister tightly.

“I missed you too, Sam! Who’s th–” she replies, looking over at Harry and squeals loudly as Harry takes off his sunglasses and beanie, smoothing out his curls.

“You’re…you’re Harry Styles of One Direction!” she exclaims, jumping up and down from excitement.

“Sure am, in the flesh,” he says, smiling at her.

“Sam, what is he doing here?!” she asks as Harry chuckles.

“Because he wanted to come with me and we’re together now,” I smile.

“You mean, you’re dating Harry Styles?!” she asks as I smile and nod my head.

Abby looks over at Harry for clarification, mentally asking if we are really dating or not. He nods his head and smiles.

“I can’t believe my older sister is dating a famous British singer!” she squeals happily as we got in the elevator to go up to the floor my dad was on.

“Abby! Please calm down!” my mother says to her in a stern tone. “We are in a hospital, not at home,” she says as Abby starts to calm down. Abby crosses her arms over her chest in an upset manor.

I sigh as Harry wraps his arms around my waist. We all stand there in silence as we wait for the ding to go off on the fourth floor.

“It’s nice to see you sweetie, glad you’re home safe,” my Grandma Jean smiles in mine and Harry’s direction.

“Thanks,” I smile at her as she takes my hand in hers.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Harry!” she smiles politely over at the curly haired boy beside me.

“You too, miss,” he smiles politely back at my grandmother.

Before we knew it, the ding went off signaling we made it to the fourth floor. I felt Harry take my hand in his as we search for my father’s hospital room. 114B…115B…116B…117B...

“Found it!” Harry and I call out in unison.

“Shh, we’re in a hospital, guys. Keep it down, please.” My mother says, calmly.

“Sorry,” we reply as I quietly open up the door and notice my dad asleep in the hospital bed. He was hooked up to a bunch of wires. I go over and sit on the side of the bed as I stare down at him. I sigh as I reach for his hand, careful not to wake him. I take his hand in mine and softly run my fingers over the top of his hand.

“Hi daddy,” I smile and carefully lean down and lie next to him. I feel him move a bit, making me sit up.

“Sam, is that you? I missed you, sweetheart,” he said, his voice a bit hoarse from sleep.

“Yeah it’s me, dad. I missed you too,” I smile and hug him being careful of all the wires coming out of random places.

“How are you, dad?” I ask as I stare at him.

“Good, might be coming home soon after my arm and shoulder heal up a bit,” he says as I notice his right arm and shoulder in a body cast.

“Does it hurt?” I ask, sounding like a little kid.

“A bit but I’ve gotten used to it,” he smiles as I feel him kiss the top of my head.

“Dad, there’s someone I want you to meet,” I motion Harry over so I could introduce him to my father.

“Oh, lovely. Who’s this, honey?” he asks, looking up at me.

“I’m Harry,” he smiles and shakes his hand.

“Nice to meet you, son,” he says. “I hope you treat her right,” he finishes and smiles at me and Harry.

“I do, sir,” he replies with a small smile.

After twenty more minutes, we all said goodbye to my dad and told him we would see him tomorrow. My mom took us to get some food. Harry and I were starving since we haven’t eaten since we were on the plane a few hours ago. Once we ate, we headed back home to my house. Harry and I carry our bags inside and up the stairs to my room. I close the door after he walks in and smile as he walks up to me, kissing me.

“What was that for?” I ask, smiling over at him.

“No reason, why are you asking, love? I can’t just kiss you out of the blue?” he asks, holding me close against his chest.

“I never said that. I quite enjoyed it, actually.” I smile and put my hand to rest behind his head, pushing his face down to meet my lips with his again. I smile against his lips as he picks me up and carries me over to the bed. We part from the kiss as he lays me down on my bed before lying next to me.

“Go to sleep, love, you look tired. I’ll be right here, I’m not going anywhere,” Harry replies, kissing my forehead and wrapping his strong arms around my waist. I nod my head and shut my eyes, drifting off to sleep.


Here's the next chapter! Hope you like <3 next one will be up soon!


It will be up soon!!(:
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Harry_xo_xo_xo Harry_xo_xo_xo
@georgia peaches 101
I know! I'm sad it's over too but this isn't the end of Sam and Harry just yet (:
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its sad that its over but happy for sequel!

link to sequel! It should be up soon! I will start on it soon c:
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