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Jess' P.o.v

"Nothing's wrong with him??" i ask, trying not to sound too upset.

"well obviously , there is. he over dosed on perscripiton pills. but we cleaned him out, he'll be fine. miss.." the doctor trailed off.

"Horan. Miss Horan." i said playing with the ring Niall bought me.

"Are you his sister?" he asked.

that made me mad.

"Do i look like his sister? DO I EVEN LOO-"someone put their hand over my mouth.

"shhh... don't shout. you'll wake up the hospital." said a smooth british accent.

i pulled the hand off of my mouth.

"sorry, i'm just really stressed out." i turned to the Doctor "sorry Doc." i said looking down.

"that's alright, Miss Horan. you may go see him, h'es sleeping at the moment. please do not wake him. he needs rest." said the Doctor than he walked down the hall and turned a corner vanishing from my sight.
i looked at the hospital door. clean ,white and haunting. i must have been staring at the door for a while because Liam said something.

"are you going in?" he looked at me sideways.

"yeah" i sighed.
i pushed the door opend, inside was as clean at the rest of the hospital. the sound of beeping came from beside the bed. the walls were a pale blue, i scanned the room, white, light blue, and beige. the three "colors" that were in the room. on the bed was Niall, he looked like an angel with clipped wigs. his face flushed of all color almost mixed into his pillow, his blonde white hair messy and tousled. i sighed again, and made my way to the white chair that was next to the bed. the only thing in the room that had color was me,http://www.polyvore.com/ff_knp_outfit_chapter_20/set?id=96938211 i looked like a ranbow in heaven. i sat down on the chair, sighed for the millionth time that night, and took Niall's hand in mine. i looked at his face, colorless. i felt the tears that wouldn't come, well come. they rolled down my cheeks.

"Niall.." i hiccup.

"Niall.. Horan." i said, his hand tightend around mine.

"Niall?" i ask.

his hole body jerked up, his eyes shot open he started gagging. his head fell back onto the pillow. he pulled his hand away from my grasp.

"N-Niall..?" i try.

the heart monitor was beeping rapedly, Niall looked at me side ways, blood spilled out of his mouth.

"I, I, Love you.." he said. he started caughing than his body jerked, his back arched and he dropped back down onto the hospital bed. he exhaled and the heart monitor stayed in one long beep.


"Niall..? no. no. no. NIALL!!" i scream, i take his hand.

i feel for a puls in his neck. nothing.

"NIALL!!" i scream.

i run out into the hall, i scramble to find someone. why was the hospital so empty when you needed a doctor?


"Jess? are you alright?" there was a british accent i hadn't heard in a while.

"NO! LOUIS!! NIALL'S-" i dropped to the floor, Dead. i just couldn't find the words.
i got up and ran down the hall,

"HELP!!" i scream, "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!" tears were rolling down my face,

a nurs walked up to me

"Miss is there something wrong?" he asked,

"YES!! NIALL!!" i scream, i fall to the ground as the nurs runs down the hall to Nialls room.

"Jess? JESS!!" it was sophies voice calling my name, i wanted to get up and run to her, but i felt like someone had punched me in the stomach, i didn't want to move. i wanted to scream.

"Jess?" sophie was next to me rubbing my back.

"for god's sake jessica get off the floor!" the un friendlyness in harry's voice would make me flinch in any other situation.

"yeah, jessy, you should get off the ground, we can go see Niall." i look up at sophie holding out her hand.

"we can't" i said trying to hold back my tears.

"well why not?" asked Harry grabbing my arm and pulling me against him.

i let out a sob.

"mrs. Horan?" it was the doctor.

i pull away from Harry and turn to the Doctor.

"yes." i brace myself.

"may i speake to you? alone?" he asks,

i look back at Harry and Sophie, they were both looking at us, listaning intently. than they left, walking down the hall to Louis and Liam. i turn back to the Doctor.

"Niall may die." said the doctor.

i closed my eyes and sucked in a sharp breath. "so there's a chance he wont?" i ask.

"there's a bigger chance of death than of anything else," the doctor shook his head, than continued. "i thinks its best for you to go home, get some rest. if anything happens. please try not to stress." he finished.

i opened my eye's "your kidding, right? how am i supposed to not stress over this?!" i shout.
"im not going home, i will stress over it and i probably wont get any rest untill i know that Niall is okay!" i shout and walk away. halfway down the hallway i stopped and whiped my face.

someone touched my shoulder. i spin around, Zayn was looking down at me, his face stained with tears,

"i-" he stopped, than hugged me.

in my ear he mumbled, "im so sorry Jess. i'm sorry, for everything the boy have put you threw, im sorry for what i put you threw, im sorry about your sister, about your mother, and now im sorry about Niall." he said and pulled away,

"i have hope, i think Niall will make it, and he'll only do it for one reason. for you. he loves you." Zayn smiled.

i was stuned, "Zayn." i hicupp. i didn't even feels the tears come, one minute i was standing, the next im on the ground Zayn's arms wrapped around my body.

"let me take you somewhere so you can get your mind off of things." Said mumbled.

i nodded. "i'd like that." i said.

Sophie's P.o.v

"oh my god, why are you so insensitive?!" i push Harry away from me.

"im not insensitive, im just honest!" Harry said.

"Honest? How the hell do you know Niall's going to die?" i whisper shout.

"i don't." he replyed.

"EXACTLY!" i scream. i got a few "shush"'s from a few doctors around us.

Harry dragged me into a bathroom, there was a single toilet and sink. he shut the door.

"will you shut up? god sophie! why are you so loud!" Harry shouts.

"look who's being loud now" i say.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"why are you being a dick? you don't know if Niall's going to die or not! i honestly think he'll make it, because he loves Jess so much. and she l- he cut me off by placing his lips onto mine.

i don't know why, but i kissed him back. the kiss went form being innocent to hungry. Harry pushed my up against the wall, he pulled away for a few seconds to speak.

"i wanted to do that all day." he said, than he aimed for my neck.

i let out a soft moan, than i regreted it. reality hit me like a bullet. i pushed Harry away from me completely.

"No." i said. i opened the door and ran down the hallway, leaving Harry there, standing alone in a bathroom.

i got to the rest of the boy's Louis and Liam, and when i didn't see Jess i went into a panic.

"where's Jess?" i ask.

"i thought she was with you and harry." said Louis. i look around, i spot Harry coming down the hallway. i turn back to Louis.

"help me find her" i said.

"yea-" i cut him off by pulling him out the door.

"try Zayn" i said.

Louis pulled out his cellphone and dialed Zayn's Number.

i felt something vibrate in my back pocket. i pull it out.

"Zayn's cell." i say. "that's right he gave it to me so he could record, he forgot it" i said.

Louis looked down at me than he fell to the ground.

"LOUIS!!" i scream.


okay, okay, i'm sorry :/ i love you.
lmao, okay so im trying my best to update, i do have school. xD
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Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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