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"NIALL!!" i shouted once again thats when Louis coverd my mouth,

"shh, now now jess you dont want me to get mad," Louis cooed in my ear, in the corner of my eye i saw Sophie she was in the corner of the capsule Liam was looking at her i could tell he had lust in his eyes, sick perv..

Harry hung up and looked at me eye's black he was pissed,

"let em' go it's not them" he said
louis shoved me to the ground,

"JEES!!" sophie shouted, dumbfuck.. i think to myself every-one stops and looks at her she had her hand over her mouth Harry looked at me,

"jessica?" he asked,

"who's t-" he cut me off by picking me up, he grabbed the Necklace of the airplane, sadly there was an 'H'

he locked eyes with me he was teary,

"where did you get this?" he asked i guess he thinks im not jess..

"when my friend died, she gave it to me.." i said
a sob left his lips,

"Jess is dead?" a tear left his eye,

i nodded he let me go and ripped the chain from my Neck,

i looked over to Sophie, Liam had her hands pinned to the capsule he was kissing her neck her eyes were teary, i ran over to them i was pulling at Liam's arms, he pushed me away i bumped into Zayn,

"LET HER GO!!" i shouted running back to Sophie and Liam,

"Liam's now's not the time, we're takin' er' home c'mon.." Zayn said pulling him off of Sophie,

"wait? you're just going to take her?" i asked,

"you too.." Louis said,

"why me?" i asked,

"shut-it c'mon we know its you.." Louis said,

"you know my name?" i asked,

"yes.. Monica." Louis said,

i gasped he thinks im mo? a single tear slid down my cheek,

"me name is Hanna, thats why im the one that got Jess' Necklace, Monica died 2 weeks after they came back form were-ever they were.. care to explaine why you're friend is trying to rape my baby sister?" i asked pointing at Sophie, "and im sorry if we look like people you knew, but we're not i-" i was cut off by lips smashing onto mine, when i pushed him off of me i saw it was Harry..


"yes. one of my old friends, you're the only one who would EVER snap at us like that and im sorry but, 'Hanna' is NOT you're name. just shut up and give in we all know its you. and Louis how in the hell did you ever think that she was Monica?" Harry blabered i looked out the window i saw Niall's car stop and him get out i waved and jumped so he would see me he had a hand to his forhead to stop the sun when he saw me he waved i smiled knowing he saw me, a hand was put over my mouth and i was pulled back i knew Niall saw it cause his smile dropped,

"stop that!!" Harry shouted i turned and slaped him in the face.

"YOU STOP YOU SHOUT JUST GO AND RUIN SOME-ONE ELSE'S LIFE!!" i yelled, all eyes were on me i was glad that the ride was almost over, when we were at the bottom and they opend the door i ran out and right into Nialls arms,

"are you okay? did they hurt you? ohmygod" he babled

"no.no babe im fine" i said i turned to find Harry he ripped me away from Niall he put a rag to my mouuth and he plugged my nose,

everything went black..


CLIFFY!! again xD


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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