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who suited me as well as her

Niall felt as if the breath was kicked out him. His eyes widened, and they just focused on her as he tried to comprehend what she had just said.

“W-What?” he sputtered out, and he just wasn’t sure what to say anymore as he sat there with his mouth opened. He was so confused, and he could feel an ache in his heart as memories of Willow came rushing back.

A laugh fell from her lips as Willow smiled widely as she swung back and forth in the swing. She covered her beautiful brown curls of her. She had a rosy blush from the cold weather around them, and her eyes fluttered open to meet his. “What are you doing?” she laughed, and he flashed the camera.

“You’re so beautiful,” he grinned, and he watched as her blush deepened. He felt a surge of pride rush through his as he saw the blush darken, and her eyes dart to the ground. “I just want to remember this moment,” he smiled as he looked through the lens at her.

The sun seemed to shine down on her perfectly, making her seem as if she was an angel, and she was. She was his angel from up above.

She was his angel that God graced him with just for a few moments before he took her away from him in a brutal, harsh way.

They lay curled up in the grass next to each other, and she buried her face into his neck. He could feel her breath in, and he couldn’t help but smile briefly as he ran his fingers through her hair. “We’ll stay together, forever, Niall,” she whispered gently, and he smiled as he kissed her forehead.

“We will,” he nodded, and he could feel a smile spread across her lips. “I love you, Willow,” he told her softly.

“I love you too, Niall. So much,” she whispered gently.

“Niall,” it was a different voice, a calm one that pulled him away from his memories, “I love you.” And those were the three words he didn’t want to hear from anyone else but Willow.


i cant find you on mibba
zoyaestyles zoyaestyles
Omg update soon.. :)
Awww. My snowflake :'( I just wanna sit there and cry with him