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and then i saw her staring back at me

Niall pulled away with an unsatisfied feeling, but what was he expecting? Sparks? Fireworks? Electricity? He wasn’t going to get any of those feelings, and with a sigh, he ran a hand through his hair and turned on his side with his back to Lila. It was a sweet, innocent kiss, and she wasn’t even awake so it would do no harm to her.

With a soft yawn leaving his lips, he rubbed at his eyes and curled up a little before he slowly fell asleep.


When Niall woke in the morning, he let out a groan and shuffled on the bed, so he was facing Lila. He was surprised to find her still asleep. Her beautiful red hair was disarrayed around her face here and there, and he couldn’t help but smile gently. Lila was a beautiful child, and he hoped she would find someone worthy of her love. With a soft kiss on her forehead, he yawned slightly and slipped out of the bed.

Sadness lingered in him, but with Lila around, he was slowly starting to feel like himself. That didn’t mean he wasn’t crying in the shower, but he wasn’t being a mindless human being anymore. As he stood in the lukewarm water, the tears slipped down his face and mixed with the water from the showerhead.

It wasn’t until the water turned from warm to cold, and he slowly turned it off before he stepped out. Goosebumps had broken out along his skin, and he wrapped a towel around him to dry himself off as he wiped at his eyes. It was only a few seconds after that that the knocking began. “Niall,” she murmured softly through the door, and he turned to stare at the white wooden door.

“Yeah?” he murmured out softly as he ran a hand through his wet hair. He stretched lightly and wrapped the towel around his waist before he started out. She was standing in the clothes she had came in the day before, and a slight blush heated up along her face as she watched him. “Sorry,” he murmured lightly, and he shuffled towards his closet. He grabbed a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts before he pulled them on.

“Are you alright?” she asked softly as she stood awkwardly with his eyes focused on the ground. He wasn’t sure why tension was in the room, and he really didn’t want it since there was already enough sadness.

“It’s just that,” she murmured last night. She took in a shaky breath as she rubbed her toes against the back of her other heel. “Maybe, I was dreaming, but I thought you kissed me last night.”


i cant find you on mibba
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Omg update soon.. :)
Awww. My snowflake :'( I just wanna sit there and cry with him