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i tow the line

Awkward silence filled the kitchen as Niall sat at the table across from Lila. A plate of hot food sat in front of him, but he just played with it, pushing it around with his fork. The boys are worried about you, she whispered lightly as she twirled the spaghetti around her fork. She slipped it into her mouth, and he darted his eyes away when she mentioned his mates. Will you be coming to practice next week? she asked lightly.

He had missed all the recordings and rehearsals for the past two weeks, and Niall knew that he couldnt miss anymore. So, with a shrug of his shoulders, he muttered out, Dont know. She heard a soft sound leave her mouth, and he focused his attention on the spaghetti. He wasnt hungry, and he had ate irregularly for the past two weeks.

Niall was getting skinner by day, the light in his eyes was draining, and he didnt find everything funny anymore. You could say he was depressed, but he was worst than depressed. It was like he wasnt alive, just an empty shell with nothing to live for in life.

Niall, her voice pulled him out of his thoughts, and he looked down at the hand that was placed on his, its been two weeks. Her voice was growing soft, and it sounded sad. You have to move on with your life, she whispered gently.

He grew angry at this, and he pulled his hand away as he stood up. The chair fell back and hit the floor with a crash, and he looked at the ginger with anger displayed on his face. You cant just tell me that! he yelled at her. Its my entire fault! You think so too, Lila! I know you do! he screamed, and he pushed the plate of spaghetti to the side. It hit the wall with a shatter, and pasta noodles and tomato sauce went flying everywhere. Dont tell me to move on when I cant, he practically growled, and he made his way back into his room. The door slammed behind him, and he locked it before he sank to the floor.

Sobs erupted from his throat, and he placed his head between his knees as tears fell quickly down his face. The tears were like a never ending waterfall, and Niall hoped that crying this much could kill him somehow. That would give him peace to all of this chaos.


i cant find you on mibba
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Omg update soon.. :)
Awww. My snowflake :'( I just wanna sit there and cry with him